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Shark Shepherd by Von Wong

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If you ever came across Von Wong’s under water shoot, this time he’s doing the unbelievable



Nora Lestari from Indonesia

This photo was taken with Indonesia’s Top Female freediver Nora during his diving trip @ Bali. This time round he had Australia’s Top Female freediver Amber to shoot with sharks!



Amber Bourke from Australia

I was this posted by Amber in Facebook group AIDA International: “Please sign our petition! smile emoticon We want to prove to governments and organizations that travellers have a tangible interest in seeing sharks alive, starting with the creation of a Malaysian Shark Sanctuary.


Model Tied Down with Sharks to Create Surreal Shark Shepherd Photoshoot

I know right away I had to do something about it. So, here I am writting this after submitting my petition in hoping that Von Wong will do an underwater shoot in Malaysian soon.

You can read more on Von Wong’s Blog, Von Wong’s Facebook & Amber Bourke’s Facebook. Please spend your time to support NO Shark & Ray kill policy, at the same time creation of Malaysian Shark Santuary by clicking HERE. All these are for the sake of the future generation, we need the sharks!

P/S: Looking forward to be back in the ocean during open seasion :D

From Wabbit @ Petaling Jaya

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Jan Trip: Singapore

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Hello~ Wonder why is there most posts in 2016 compare to 2015? Currently my job is more stable & boss makes it compulsory for this workaholic to claim off days within the month or it will be burnt T_T Since I got 4-5 days off a month, more if there’s public holiday, I would like to take the opportunity to travel around South East Asia as much as possible.


Quick Breakfast with Panda 

I don’t usually have breakfast, but when I do I saw that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…


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Joy Ride

Free shuttle was available so I decided to took off without thinking much. Guess what? I ended up at the wrong gates, thank God the staff was helpful enough to drop me off at my gate so that I don’t have to run after my flight, wee~



Talented Dude.SG

I was glad to be able to collaborate with Eugene in his up coming project. Check it out on 18th Febuary.To be honest, knowing him since he got his first camera I didn’t expect he would turn out to be who he is today! I’m so proud of him & couldn’t be more grateful to be part of his work. Yes! I will appear in an art gallery soon!!! Best part is to have him telling me that we got a lot of usable shots, it could be my portfolio of the year as I’ve been inactive in the talent photoshoot since I start working full time.



 Quick Meet Up Sessions

With so little time, this round I managed to catch up with more friends. Dinner with Summer & Zen, lunch with Kenneth, dinner with Nikita & Siaomouse, chill session with Jennifer & managed to catch up with some Couch Surfers at the same time, supper with Andrew, Geri, Jessebelle & Raymond, last but not least beer with Alvin.


 Me Time

Besides spending time with friends, I managed to crash before the long night with friends, watch movie alone like the old days, enjoy burger & beer for lunch. Boss Squirrel FFK me ROAR! Watching The Danish Girl which is not available in Malaysia. Still using my student card for cheap tickets & counter gal actually went to teather to check if I’m above 21 o.O


Rooftop Breakfast

Being a typical workaholic, I’m so used to waking up @ 6:55am even when I’m away from work. Since breakfast starts @ 8am in the morning. I spent some time with the old school desktop. Green Kiwi Backpackers Hotel had a rooftop so I decided to head up for some fresh air just to see morning traffic & Singapore’s infamous 3 minutes rain zzzz


New Friends

Got to know Daniela from Argentina & Steven from Netherlands during my rooftop breakfast, we decided to take the midnight bus to Kuala Lumpur together. Boy, it was an experience that I not wish to have again if you ask my precious back.

It was a short yet fruitful trip. I will be back for Dive Expo & Andrew’s wedding very soon.

P/S: Managed to had soup to keep me warm before bus trip back home

From Wabbit @ Singapore

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My 2015 Journey

Happy New Year!!! How was 2015 for you? Are you ready for 2016?



My 2015 Year Review via Facebook

2015 was a great year. I still work as an operation manager @ Swimin12, found long lost friend while working, travel to friend’s wedding & freediving competition, broke my personal records & not planning to stop making my parents proud, continue training to improve my swimming skills, & finally get to double date with a very good friend of mine from Singapore. Looking forward to more personal growth while face the challenging 2016, bring it on!


Photo taken @ Hong Kong 2013/14

Let’s make 2016 a turning point, from bad to good, from good to even better! Happy New Year :)

P/S: Boss is making off day compulsary so I will have more vacation in 2016 ^_^

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Year 2 Dive Log

You may check out my freediving collections HERE.

I missed out my 1st year dive log. Thanks to my mentor Walter i decided to have a record on my trainings + PB in any apnea.

Co2: 6 sets of 1 minutes (3 breath up before every dive)
Feeling: Felt damn good, meditation app helps a lot to keep me calm
Dynamic: No Fins, still focus on push off & turns. Slow recovery for sprained right ankle since 2 weeks ago.

No Warm-Up Static: 2 M 37 S (3 M breath up before dive)
Process: 1st contraction @ 1 M 15 S, hold for 1 M 22 S
Feeling: The Urge to Breath is Crazy!
Dynamic: No Fins, only managed to do 2 sets of 18M. Still wondering how I manage to achieved 53M during competition.

No Warm-Up Static: 2 M 37 S (3M breath up before dive)
Feeling: Still need to get over the urge to breath when you got only that 1 chance to do it!
Co2: 1 set of 1 minutes (3 breath up before dive)
Feeling: Annoyed as unable to finish 2nd set due to tiredness or should I say lazy body on Christmas morning. Happy for Walter’s No Warm-Up Static 6M20S & Radziah’s DYN 107M.

No Warm-Up Static: 3 M 21 S (5 M breath up before dive)
Process: 1st contraction @ 1 M 21S, hold for 2 M
Feeling: It was great. I felt I might not be ready so I increase my breath up time. No urge to breath no singing, just giving myself more instructions. It was rare but I got so excited (haven’t done 2 M contraction since last year & struggle to even get 3 M static after Pool Master) with 2 M contractions that I came up with my legs still float in relax mode. It was a good experiment, should I say I’m back on track?
Dynamic: No Fins, only managed to do 2 sets of 13M after a few sets of short distance turn & push off. Failed to complete 3rd set.

No Warm-Up Static: 2 M 03 S (5 M breath up before dive)
Process: 1st contraction @ 1 M 5 S, hold for 1 M 58 S
Feeling: Didn’t have a good final breath before dive. Just need to work extra hard on consistency. Walter did great with 6 M 36 S today :D
Co2: 7 sets of 1 minutes (3 breath up before every dive)
Feeling: Felt great, the only reason I didn’t continue is due to abs pain. Guess I’m starting to do it right. Can’t wait to reach my 1st 10 sets of 1 Minutes.

No Warm-Up Static: 3 M 38 S (5 M breath up before dive)
Process: 1st contraction @ 1 M 28 S, hold for 2 M 10 S
Feeling: I’m back baby! Just hope for consistency like a year ago. Next target 4 M (PB) before trying out another new skills.

No Warm-Up Static: 3 M 17 S (5 M breath up before dive)
Process: 1st contraction @ 1 M 17 S, hold for 2 M
Feeling: Feeling good with float breath up a minute before official top, too bad mother nature calls :/

No Warm-Up Static: Failed
Co2: Failed
Feeling: Whole body was aching like mad even when I barely work any results :(

No Warm-Up Static: 3 M 11S (5 M breath up before dive)
Process: 1st contraction @ 1 M 7 S, hold for 2 M 4 S
Feeling: Contraction comes early but I guess I’m getting more comfortable with minimum 2 Minutes contraction. Too bad need to cut it short as mother nature calls again ROAR

No Warm-Up Static: 3 M 17S (5 M breath up before dive)
Process: 1st contraction @ 1 M 15 S, hold for 2 M 2 S
Feeling: Trying to be consistant with minimum 2 Minutes contraction. As usual I have to cut it short thanks to the hot sun & mother nature. Being lazy due to tiredness from shows for the past few days.

No Warm-Up Static: Below 2 M 30S (5 M breath up before dive)
Dynamic: No Fins, 12 x 18 M

P/S: Working hard for a better results in my next competition

From Wabbit @ Petaling Jaya

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Freediving: Prototype Monofins

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I am fortunate to received proper guidance & tips from my favourite mentor Walter Johnson, a retired US Navy & passionate in sharing freediving experience with Malaysian freedivers whenever he’s in town.


I Love DOL-Fin Pilot 2!

Walter got this massive huge ass Smith Aerospace Orca & a new monofin for us to play. Last week Radziah & I had to fight for it. Walter had to make us behave & learn how to share toys together like good gals. Being so used to bi-fins I was surprised that I got comfortable with this monofin, it glide pretty smoothly. Looking forward till the day I can do proper outside turn soon with this.


DNF PB, 28th Oct

Managed to push my way to 40M PB during yesterday’s training session with Walter. I bet Boss EJ, Azua & Radziah would be very proud of me. Last week I’ve only managed to maintain about 22-28M a week ago. If I continue to to work my arse I think I might ready for Pan Pacific Championship 2015 @ Brisbane end of next month.

P/S: Static’s progress is still way behind compared to both Dynamic :/

From Wabbit @ Petaling Jaya

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