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Score: Centurion Challenge 2.0

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Centurion Challenge 2.0

There’s a drinking competition organized by Score for all the beer lovers out there. It’s back in the second year due to high demand. Weekly prizes of RM1000 & a beer barrel up for grabs! All you have to do is registered yourself & try to survive 100 shots in 100 minutes for RM100 only! THE RULES: no puking, no toilet break, no spitting, no spilling, no eating, no moving from designated spot & no sniff/inhale any form of menthol but cigarette is allowed.


Road Condition by Tammy

I was getting all ready by 6:20pm but stuck in the jam for 2 hours due to the thunder lighting around PJ area. I saw fire fighter rushing off @ SS2 thinking how can there be fire in such weather. It turns out that TTDI 1U had trees falling from the downpour since 6pm. traffic was very bad, even a billboard from 1U was on the road as well. Properties are damaged along the way but I did pray that no one is badly injured. There goes my dinner T_T


Me Against the Boys

Together with Hangry Panda, we still managed to arrive before the rest of the bloggers thanks to my kiasu time management. Representing Jason Chan, it was me with an empty stomach against 13 guys at its highest participants ever. I saw a lot of anxiety going on. Some are stress that I might beat them, some are trying to hold longer than me for the sake of their man ego but we’ll see when the game starts.



He said keep fighting! Little did Emily knows that this random shot is actually one of the underdog of the night. You see him swinging whole night but he’s the only Chinese guy standing like a BOSS!



To be the 7th lady to compete out of 50 participants I would say the pressure was on me with the hightest female achiever managed to swallow 70 shots as I only had 50 shots in mind =.= But I’m not gonna be as bad as the worst drinker with only 12 shots so BRING IT ON! By the way, the photo bomb in the photo is holding a community card. You can get it with every tower purchase & contestant can only use it before the 80th shots. Man, why you never give me? Oh ya, the first participant to gave up last night had a community card in hand as well.


Shot of Beer

I find the competition pretty boring. You’re only get to drink a shot once very minute while standing until the 50th shots then you may have a chair to sit as you wish. I wish I can sing or dance with the music but thankfully Isskie, Kesh & my darling Emily kept me busy with photo session LOL Panda insist I take a picture after every 10 shots to see my progress *geh*


Out after 30 Shots

Sadly to say I only managed to survive 30 shots before my body gave up. Lesson learnt, never drink with an empty stomachs (yes daddy). Nope, I don’t consider having a few bites before competition is eating. I need real full meal at least an hour before drinking :p The good thing is my liver may not be as damaged as back in the older days thanks to freediving. But, there goes my fund to Brisbane :(


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Congratulations to the Winners

Everybody was cheering like mad as the previous week there’s no winner at all. It was a great celebration to have a Malaysian still standing next to a foreigner. I finally get to have my super late night dinner before I call the night off. To you all beer lovers out there, there’s a good news for you peeps.


Beery Madness!!!

I kid you not, if you’re working @ 1 Utama or round the area you have no excuse to skip your practise for the grand finale with only RM1 from 5pm onwards! Well, you know they say early bird gets the worm. I say head early to Score at The Roof will get you cheap beer ;)


What if I’m late or still Thirsty?

No worries, as the beer don’t stop there. You may stay back for HAPPIBEERS HOUR from 8 PM onwards! One pint ain’t enough, two pint doesn’t really cut it, BUT THREE PINTS!? You’ll be well on your way to BEER HEAVEN!


Monday No More Bluez

If that’s not enough, now there’s more reason to LOVE MONDAYS! Head over to Score for the best happy hour in town which has now been EXTENDED from 5pm to 9pm. Don’t forget to wear BLUE for BEERY MONDAY! Unless you’re name is Nathalie Blue then it will be a different story :p



Last year’s winner goes to Richard Herbert from Week 12. Who will reign supreme as the King of Centurion Challenge 2.0? This year are we going to celebrate Malaysia Boleh again like we did last night? It’s not easy to be the last man standing but the big fat cheque will damn worth it. See you again next month for the Grand Finale~

P/S: Jude Benjamin, you have been missed!

From Wabbit @ Petaling Jaya

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#AABC Asean Traveller Contest!

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I am the best candidate to be AirAsia Asean Traveller’s Beach Specialist because…



Air Asia Asean Traveller

I was born a beach gal with my hitam manis (tan skin) even before there was Facebook to gather & share my memories. I was never a swimmer til recently but always looking up for some adventure near the sand & open sea. Having my dad working for a water sport company at a period of time exposed me to all sorts of water sports like rides on motor yacht, jet ski & banana boat besides the typical fishing, walk by the beach, picnic with friends, enjoy sunset & involve beach cleaning program in my growing life.



Early Morning & Sunset @ Tanjung Aru Beach

As a local Sabahan, spending time with friends & family during the weekends or school holidays is pretty common. We get to enjoy the view & spend time with our love ones. This beach is very very near to KKIA 2, like 5-10 minutes ride away from the airport.



Seaside Travelers Inn, Kinarut

Sometimes, I love to enjoy my me time alone while listening to the wind & waves making wonderful sound to my ears. Being there for me no matter good or bad times. Every now and then we would drive an hour or so away from town to have some private gathering or picnic with friends. Yupp, coconut is a pretty popular exotic drink as well :D



 Golf Course next to Beach

I remember during a singing competition in 2013 the grand finalist had to wake up as early as 6:30am for a video shooting @ outskirt resort. Thank god I was accompany by the smell of the ocean & sand that make all the crazy time table a worth while :)


 Pulau Manukan

Besides singing I also had done photo shoot with BKL Light Writing on Segovia’s swim wear at the edge of the beach with rocks. I was almost swept by the waves while trying to stay still in this shoot. Usually we take speed boat for island hopping around Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (Sapi Island, Manukan Island & Manutik Island).



Borneo Jazz 2014, Miri

Last year I was lucky to be picked by Air Asia Bloggers Community so that I can patiently wait for the sunrise (for some reason my body alarm got excited) & sunset before prepare my dance move with some of my blogger friends @ Borneo Jazz Festival. It was a fruitful trip that I managed to travel to Mulu caves & transit @ Kuching within the same week.



KK Jazz Fest 2007, Jesselton Point

Talk about music festival festival I was lucky to be the back up singer for Jackfruit Coolaboration during the very first Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival in Sabah. Awesome sea view by Jesselton Point. Can you spot me on the very right of the stage? Thanks BananaKK for this photo ^_^ KK Jazz Fest has been growing to be an annual music event @ my hometown.



Sunset Music Fest 2014, Kudat

One of the most rewarding experience for me was to coordinate with Philippine Pops Orchestra – Philpops from Manilla. We had fun visiting the Tip of Borneo, build bonefire by the beach, had morning swim in the sea, get them to try coconut pudding along the way & start a friendship in the name of music.



 Redang Island, Terengganu

I had one of my belated birthday trip 2013 with one of my dearest friend from Singapore Nikita @ Redang Island. Fed fishes @ marine park, snorkeling, attempted to chase after baby shark, canoeing, beach ball session, create sand angels, counting stars was in the itinerary in this relaxing trip. Nearest airport is 20 minutes from Sultan Mahmod Airport Kuala Terengganu to Syahbandar Jetty Kuala Terengganu.

1929245_55228229971_2045_n 65745_10150140102629972_323233_n

Party in Singapore

Many years back when I first moved in to Singapore, party by the beach is pretty common. Siloso Beach party is famous for it’s foam party in the beach that got me hocked for 3 years straight starting 31 Dec 2008. I also enjoyed ZoukOut which at it’s 10th years @ 2010!

Sunrise @ East Coast Park

This photo was taken on Sunday morning after sipping Brown Brothers Moscato from Australia the whole night long while catching up with Totoro during his summer break 2011. Too bad some of the old landmarks along the beach were removed for new constructions.



Spring @ Bondi Beach, Sydney

Back in 2012 I was crazy enough trying to hunt for some sexy surfers during the first day of spring @ Bondi Beach, half an hour from Sydney Airport. It’s pretty cold for the tropicana gal but the locals are already enjoying their warm sunlight after the cold winter. And here’s the list of activities I will do as a Beach Specialist with the AirAsia Asean Pass

11007727_864969430226606_4987581472361159519_n 10686978_825041430851825_2864667818365384332_n

Freedive with Whale Shark like Katie


Coral Flyer Zipline like Calista



Involve in Underwater Clean up like Calista



Air Asia Asean Pass

Check out Air Asia Asean Pass today by clicking HERE! Besides the 3 bucket lists above, the slacky Wabbit & Panda would also like to relax at a different beach every now & then with the help of Air Asia Asean Pass. Those include 

Cambodia – Sihanoukville. Nearest airport: Phnom Penh International Airport

Indonesia – Gili Trawangan. Nearest airport: Lombok International Airport

Malaysia – Cenang Beach. Nearest airport: Langkawi International Airport

Malaysia – Lang Tengah Island. Nearest airport: Sultan Mahmod Airport

Malaysia – Mabul Island. Nearest airport: Tawau Airport

Phillipine – Boracay. Nearest airport: Kalibo International Airport

Thailand – Koh Samui. Nearest airport: Surat Thani Airport

Thailand – Patong Beach. Nearest airport: Phuket International Airport

Thailand – Phi Phi Island. Nearest airport: Krabi Airport

Vietnam – Da Nang. Nearest airport: Tan Son Nhat International Airport

P/S: I feel the need to have another beach vacation very soon T_T

From Wabbit @ Petaling Jaya

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Couch Surfing: Nepal Aid Party

*Photo are from FB albums (some under private view)

Some say any reason to party is a good reason to party. Before we get to that part let’s start off with a story from Nepal…


base camp

Annapurna Base Camp to Kathmandu 

It started off when a few of Malaysian Couch Surfing decided to conquering Annapurna Base Camp (4130m). As earthquake struck when the group was at Fish tail mountain, they visited villages near Kathmandu to help those in need. Above events happened in within 2 weeks.



Sharing is Caring

The group was in the village & witness the needs of the locals. They helped with whatever they can before return back home to Malaysia. The lack of basic needs like proper shelter, food & medication got Andy, Elena, Kohviel & Saligram to carry out a mission, Project rebuilding Nalang Village via CS Msia Nepal Aid Party.



Party + Donate

With the help of Wolfpack Gang from Couch Surfing Kuala Lumpur, venue, performers, henna design, food & drinks for the Nepal Aid Party was settled within a week. Even this lovely poster has been created instantly to spreed out the word to those who would share the love to friends they don’t know yet at the other side of the world. 



Rules are Rulez

Being an adult makes me realized that rules are still rules, even when you party like a rockstar :p Here are some of the things you need to follow to enjoy your night: no drugs, no climbing over the roof ledge or walls, no throwing of anything from rooftop, no pissing off the rooftop & most importantly have fun & donate :D


1506777_812849742103326_6926027585679376376_n sam

Performances of the Night

Local artists like Ariff Akhir, Djezna’s stalker, Bechamel MuchoAzren Ukulele & DJ Sam rock the night away & jam with the crowds. It feels like being in high school camp with you get to sing & dance along together with those old familiar songs. CD sales from Djezna’s stalker & money in Bechamel Mucho’s guitar case were donated back to the event.



Henna Design

I’ve not been well for the past few days but I decided to drop by & show my love to this event. I got myself a henna design by Henna Havana at the Backyard KL for only RM5! Food & drinks were also available at a very afforable price from RM3 onwards.



Supportive Crowds

An event would not be suscessful without the passion from these lovely people. I heard that 150 came to show their love. Some including those who went MIA for months up to years decided to make this event the Gathering of the Year! So much shocked, laughters & tears among familiar faces. That’s what they say in CS, once a family forever a family no matter where they’ve been hiding…



Organizers: The Wolfpack KL

CS Msia Nepal Aid Party won’t even happen without the love from CS family, we surf, we host, now we even fundraise in the name of Couch Surfing. CS Malaysia is proud to announce that they have managed to raise total fund of RM3700 + S$60 thanks to all sponsors, supporters & volunteers. I bet most people went back feeling great with the amount raised but the organizers had to stay back till 3am just to make sure the venue is clean before handling back to Backpackers Travellers Inn sampai…



Pengsan X.X

For your information all the profit and donation from this event will be transferred through to Li Li (one of the 15 survived trekkers group) which will later use this money to rebuild the Nalang village. In September, Kuldip (event organizer) and a few other CSers shall make a visit to Nalang Village to check on the progress and try to help out physically as well.



After Earthquack @ Nalang Village

Your support is just a CLICK away! After you’ve made the donation, please TAG CS Malaysia Nepal Aid Party – *your name* *amount* so that they can keep track how much our Nepal Aid Party has collected. Thank you for all the help and support! On behalf of the Nalang Village @ Nepal, I want to thank you for your generous act.

P/S: Getting ready for major dinner tonight with local celebrities ;)

From Wabbit @ Kuala Lumpur

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KLPAC: Uda dan Dara 2015

*Click square photo for direct link to Amir Set Pablo, Mark Lim & Hana Nadira‘s Instagram

Most people are very familiar with western Romeo & Juliet & our own Malaysian’s Sepet. Pardon my ignorant for not noticing much of late Usman Awang’s work. I have been a huge fan by supporting my favourite Synergy Dance whenever I’m back home @ Kota Kinabalu, enjoyed plays by W!ld Rice in Singapore. Some how I only get to attend World Youth Jazz Fest 2013 during my time in KL. Thanks Panda for giving me a chance to watch my very first local play…


Uda dan Dara 2015 

Uda Dan Dara 2015 is a re-telling of the classic Malaysian story of two star-crossed lovers, written by National Poet Laureate, Usman Awang. Dara, a young woman from an affulent family, and Uda, a young man born into hardship; Both equally shaped and driven by circumstance, yet both equally in love with one another. It is a story of love, transcending notions of wealth, class, and – in this adaptation – culture and ethnicity.



Malay VS Chinese

The 2015 Uda sees a young man drawn to the bright lights of Kuala Lumpur with his single mother in seach of ambition and a better life, but in doing so, meets and falls in love with the daughter of an affluent Malay family, Dara. Although they both live in the same city, a velvet rope divides their families; for while Uda is trying to make ends meet in Kampung Pencala which is now overrun by immigrants and hence nicknamed Kampung Pendatang, Dara is just a stone’s throw away in an affluent gated community that is Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Must listen: the couple express their love using Malaysian food!


Datin Zaiton (Left)

This adds distress to the mothers of the lovers, espcially Zaiton, Dara’s Single mother whon had raised her daughter using the political and societal connections her husband built in his time, albeit desperately as living conditions are getting harder with her dwindling savings. Datin is the best singer in the play, she rocks the stage like no other diva with her power house vocal.



 Aku Kaya #budakjahat

Enter Alang, the son of Dato Bakhil, a noted developer of the area, with his wealth & influence. Not content with the riches he was acquired, Alang has set his eyes on the land that is Kampung Pachala, the home of Uda. But that is not the only thing he is wishing to steal… Alang is the type of bad boys that you just want to give him a punch in the face but he’s also an awesome dancer at the same time ;)


 The whole Cast of Uda dan Dara 2015

Uda dan Dara 2015 injects a breath of fresh air into the present and the future. Join the star crossed lovers in their hearts’ desire, of love, life and land that is rightfully theirs. Before we can ask to seek for more talents, I think we need more supportive art lovers (look around the theatre) to open more opportunities.


Dato’ Faridah Merican

What makes Uda dan Dara 2015 a must watch Play of the year if you don’t know is that the executive producer & director is also the original cast for Dara back in 1972 & also Dara’s mum in 1984. Her respect for the late Usman Away & her passion for Uda dan Dara is the reason why art lover like me get to enjoy this forbidden love revisited today.


Mark Lim & Hana Nadira

I heard that Thursday was corporate & Friday was media screening. I was a bit upset with the out come on opening night for pubilc. Do you people still support art over here? Art starts with you! Tickets are available RM45-150 in Kuala Lumpur (4-11 Apr) & RM40-RM100 in Penang (21-25 Apr). Do check out this local production via FB page, FB page in MalayFB event, FB event in ChineseTicketPro today! You might want to check out the opening song to get you warm up. Don’t missed the mixed English Malay modern act with a number of awesome original in this dramatic play. Will it be a happy ending or a tragic drama? You got to watch it for yourself :p


Opening Song: Uda dan Dara 2015

P/S: Looking forward to support Lelaki 2.5: Out of the Closet with Strings Attached.

From Wabbit @ Kuala Lumpur

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The Edge Studio: Launch of Moist Diane

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Looking for a hair product that emphasize on deep cleanse, deep nourishment & deep moisturization at an affordable price? Scroll down for more excitement~



Early Bird Gets the Worm

After spring cleaning my room & settle some stuff from the office, I had brunch with new blogger friend Roslyn @ Pavillion before walking over to the Grand Millennium. Arrving way earlier than rest of the crowds, we get to have the best seats & try out Argan Oil + brown sugar demo with full attention from the friendly beautitionist. Koey can’t find her way so I head down to the fountain to get her.


Moist Diane Philosophy Oil

What makes Moist Diane hair care interesting is that it repairs, reproduce & activate your hair with a magical touch of rare oil. Argan Oil, the Majestic oil is the main ingredient for Moist Diane shampoo. Rich in Vitamin E, it becomes a vital antioxidant that helps protect & hydrate skin. Argan oil absorbed quickly & clears scalp pores with nourishment. Other rare oils used are included Baobab Oil, Cupuacu Butter, Marula Oil, Andiroba Oil, Mango Seed Extract, Virgin Prune Oil & Lupin Oil.



Moist Diane is Officially Launched

Noticing this brand since my visit to Hong Kong, Taipei & Singapore. Thank God it’s finally here and I get to understand more about this oil-based shampoo as I’ve been using oil-based facial cleanser & hair treatment for years. I would personally welcome the next generation of oil hair care shampoo & conditional with an open arms. Thank you Tiger San for the eye opening introduction & hilarious commercial from Japan towards the bloggers at this event.



Before VS After

Miss World Malaysia 2010 Nadia Heng our host of the day was awesome. Been hearing her name everywhere but it’s the first time I met her in person that I almost cannot recognize her. Luck was on my side when I got Cavin Wong, creative director of The Edge Studio to get my hair ready before I rush off to airport to catch a flight back home for a break after working non-stop for the past 7 months. Washed my hair earlier in the morning but instantly can see the results of different products. Thanks Don & Manoah Consulting for giving me the quick time to pamper myself before leaving KL.


Get Yours Today!

Managed to reach airport on time using Uber to KL Central &. I told my driver that I love the fruity smell on my hair & he told me my hair looks fluffy from the mirror when we’re waiting for the red light. I get to try out both Moist Shampoo & Moist Treatment too look good this Chinese New Year. Did I say Moist Diane Moist & Shine (damaged hair), Volume & Scalp (damaged scalp) & Extra Damage Repair (extreme damaged hair) in 500ml are available @ Watson for RM29.90 only? Time to say hello to silicone free hair care for a silky smooth treatment alike shampoo today ;)

P/S: Getting ready for leave shower & family reunion dinner

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu

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