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Freediving: Another Red Card?

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You may check out my freediving collections HERE. It’s time for another Freediving League (Liga F)!


Prof said everyone is ready to Freedive

Yes! Today we will be doing static apnea, it’s also one of my favourite category as well ^_^ Static Apnea scores the highest among 3 Freediving Pool Competition. According to my calculation, if I can score well in the next 2 static (last 6 competition in 2014) I might able to fight my way in Top 10 & exceed to next year’s Pool Master Challenge *anticipation*


Stay Calm & Freedive

Thanks Nik F Kamil for the wonderful photo. You may check them out @ my FB Page. It was a super busy Saturday morning, I was rushing all over the place for work & prepare myself for this competition. For warm up I got 1 Minutes 40 Seconds, 2nd attempt at 2 Minutes 50 Seconds. How come I feel very uncomfortable to hold my breath long ever since I managed to control my contraction. Yes, I used to have very very strong contractions in static. Some how I burp before my time & Semut told me I shouldn’t have problem to hold my breath long in the next round.


3M53S Static @ Liga F, 24th Aug

I still managed to get out off the pool & get myself a glass of warm water before my turn. Some how it’s like a custom for me to avoid feeling dehydrated in the water. From the video you can see Mas hold her breath while I went down, I laugh in the water @ 3 Minutes & got confused @ 3 Minutes 58 Seconds. Too bad I couldn’t get myself back to focus just before I ended my session by saying ‘Okay’ instead of the protocol ‘I am Okay’. It was a punch towards myself for getting another red card when I should be one of the Top 3 this morning :(


Freediving League (Liga F) @ PJ Palms, 20th Sep

So much of the unintentional sabo session. It was fun for all of us at least. Aswad decided to fly in this picture wakakaka Who’s up for the next training session? I’m still not giving up as DYN, Dynamic with Fins has been postponed to next month :p

P/S: Looking forward to SSI course end of the month with Patrick

From Wabbit @ Petaling Jaya

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Freediving: Hard Work & Records

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You may check out my freediving collections HERE. If you think I’m gonna quit just because I got a red card on my previous session, you are so wrong baby!


Aswad, Patrick, Yi Hou & Nid

The freedivers have been active practicing yesterday (Malaya’s Independance’s Day) & this morning due to public holiday. I guess they are actually still burning in desire after Liga F (Freediving League) last weekends. My lungs are itch as always so I decided to join in today (not too busy with work) to prove that I’ve not given up in my new passion. New discovery that I need to use nearly 5KGs of weight to hold myself down (1.8KGs on neck & 3KGs on waist).


Extreme PB Breakthrough, 1st Sep

According to Yi Hou (buddy theme suit), it took him a while to get from 2 Minutes to 3 Minutes. it’s consider a huge 1 Minute gap for me from 2 Minutes 41 Seconds to 3 Minutes 41 Seconds (3rd attempt) is no pure talent but results of the hard work I have put in. Thanks EJ, Mas & Sham for introducing me to freediving, thanks Walter for the proper guidance before taking my official freediving course, thanks EJ, Walter & Ram for helping me a lot in improving my swimming skills, thanks to all FitWorx instructors for making sure I pushed myself to the limit, thanks Aswad for being an awesome buddy of the day & last but not least myself for accepting all these nonsense training to get myself to the next level :p

Next Target: 4 Minutes here I come!!!

P/S: I had a feeling that I will crash @ tomorrow’s CoreFit session (oh no)

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Freediving: Achievement & Disappointment

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You may check out my previous exposure to freediving HERE. I am lucky to received proper guidance & tips from Walter Johnson, a retired US Navy & passionate in sharing freediving experience with hardworking newbies :D


DNF PB, 22nd Aug

Managed to push my way to 2 Minutes 41 Seconds PB on my 3rd attempt during my training session with both Walter & OD. I’m 4 seconds away from boss EJ’s record ho ho ho Above is my second attempt on DNF up to 22M PB with 2.4kg weight on my neck & 1 kg weight on my waist.


And I’m Feeling Good~

Feeling great yesterday morning before my first attempt in Liga F, Just One Breath #project57 15 league mini competitions of Static Apnea (STA), Dynamic with Fins (DYN) & Dynamic without fins (DNF). Thank you UBER for making sure I started my day hydrated with complimentary water on my way to work since I have been avoiding meals before every freediving session. My trick to stay hydrated & warm is having soup before I jump into the water ^_^


20M DNF @ Liga F, 24th Aug

Maybe I was too nervous or I suck in install too many information before my turn to dive in as you can see I’m so messed up & confused that my strokes & kicks was funny as hell. Had my very first red card due to airways & sign of LMC because of  my confusion in searching for the floating device LOL Wasn’t my best performance but I do hope that this experience will push me to be better & ready for the next session.


Freediving League (Liga F) @ PJ Palms, 24th Aug

Finally, it’s great to be in the in front of the lens rather than behind it :p Friendship & experiences was gain during this league. There is so much more to learn about freediving specially about safety as this is an extreme sports that may cost serious injury or even death if recovery are not done in a proper way.


Hometown Celebrity @ PJ Palms!

Why do I love my job? Meeting the friendly Daphne iKing at work brightens up my Sunday afternoon after my fail attempt in my first freediving competition. It’s been 2 months since KK Jazz Fest & it’s great to see another hometown gal is into water sport, scuba diving for her case.

P/S: Somehow body felt weaker @ gym earlier this morning x.x

From Wabbit @ Petaling Jaya

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Freediving: New Passion

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You may often heard about swimming, snorkeling and even scuba diving. What about Freediving?


FreeDiving 101, 7th Aug

Thanks Mas from Freedivher for introducing freediving to us & Sham (guy with OKAY sign) for giving boss EJ (left), Alex (right) & yours truly a crash introduction on freediving. #1 rule for freediving is to never dive alone! on my 1st attempt I had 1 Minutes 38 Seconds Personal Best (PB) while using nose-clip (as seen in picture). For the next 2 attempt I failed to hold my breath even for a minute with low volume mask. EJ had 2 Minutes 45 Seconds PB & Alex managed to hit 3 Minutes PB!


 Freediving League (Liga F) @ PJ Palms, 10th Aug

Sadly, I had to missed the first competition as I was rushing for work, weekends are our peak period & rushing off to Astro studio for Astro Golden Melody recording to support papa Frankie! Congratulations to EJ for achieving 59M on Dymanic Apnea (DYN). Guess he didn’t expect to reach end of the 50M pool for a first timer & got a little over excited.



Back in Action, 19th Aug

2 weeks after my first encounter with freediving, this time I had the chance to get in the pool to train with Nid, OD, Walter & Patrick. For my 2nd attempt I managed to get 1 Minutes 47 Seconds. Thinking that I can push more than just extra 10 seconds, on my 5th attempt I reached 2 Minutes 17 Seconds PB. Wow! Getting extra 30 seconds just by humming songs while holding my breath is fantastic :D I got to try Dynamic without Fins (DNF) at got 13M PB for my first dive with 2.4kg weight on my neck. Had a happy brunch session after freedive when Cisco Thai Muslim Restaurant decided to cheer me up with cute tray for my favourite butter fish when they know I was not feeling so well. Seems that freedive is the cure for now :D



Obsession Went Next Level?

I’m glad that I went down even with my flu & cough. Feeling much better with my PB, I decided to spend more time in Freedivher FB group. A freediver is selling her items due to personal reason & I managed to secured both Mares 2nd skin 1.5mm neoprene shorty wetsuit with hood-red & IST Proline SK1 socks. Too bad I was a little slow in getting the weight & fins but glad to booked the nose-clip for EJ. My luck didn’t end there, I managed to grab the last last Apnea Academic Nose-clip from Mas & it’s also in BLUE colours! So, no phone this birthday as I’ve invested my money on freediving :D


Friendship Beyond via Freediving, 21st Aug

The body didn’t recover so I decided to take a break for a day before joining Walter & Nid this morning. I was happy to be in my new wetsuit but Walter was a little blue since I’m not longer in my BIKINI. Today had 2 Minutes 31 Seconds PB during my second attempt & managed to slightly improved my DNF to 17M PB with 3.2kg weight on my neck. OD did drop by to join us for lunch @ Thai Corner Restaurant, PJ New Town. I’m very excited with the up coming 9th Liga F 2014 & getting a proper AIDA course. 

P/S: Don’t think I got enough time for gym this week, meh…

From Wabbit @ Petaling Jaya

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Uber like a Boss

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Hey hey, it’s early of the month & I (finally) got my money! Let’s spend it up! I got a feeling, that this month’s gonna be a good month XD


Money to indulge in August

If you know me personally,  you may know my YOLO lifestyle for the past 18 months. I have been living as modest as possible. But since I got myself a job & able to commit in my family expenses, it’s time for me to upgrade myself. Since I don’t spend so much money when most of my time are busy with work, why not make my life a little more comfortable?


Cab at Night

I used to stay in Singapore & it’s common for me to walk around in the middle of the night but now I’m back in Malaysia. I stayed 15 mins walk from the nearest LRT station,  it still sounds okay to walk during the day. To avoid daily nags from my worried mum, I decided to take cab home from station (below RM4) or office (below RM9). The only problem I had if I’m planning to take cab from my housing area, I need to fight for cab via MyTeksi or just wait outside the main road to get rejected from lazy drivers GGRR 


Free Trips!!!

Everything changes when my friend Walauwei introduced me to UBER! I was credited with RM30 (THANKS A LOT!) as a start to try out this awesome app that has been introduced to Malaysia early this year. I heard about this app few months ago but I didn’t bother to try out since I was stuck with a Nokia not so smart spare phone. Boy I was so regret!!! 2 days ago me & my date both of us separately took uber to watch Guardian of the Galaxy in IMAX! He was kind enough to sent me home using uber as well.



Express Indulge Escape

Last night le brother from Singapore was happened to be in town & insisted that I get my ass to meet him even I when end work @ 10pm. I never regret my stay over as I woke up feeling fresh from wine drinking & freshen up with my favourite bubble bath. Yeah, I know I need to get a pedicure session very soon. I returned the favour by giving Remy & friends a taste on being passengers of  BMW 5-series (UberLux) & Toyota Camry (UberBlack) because I refuse to hop on a cab without using meters. I was surprised that we got free drinks during out Toyota Camry ride, it was really an awesome experience and maybe that’s why we forgot to take picture during our rides EPIC FAILED TO THE MAX! Too bad or should I say luckily we didn’t get to hit the Jaguar via UberLux since we missed out the selfie madness trend? LOL


Bye~ Miss You Already!

I had an awesome time ensuring my safety & also share these experiences with my bro & new friends. These are the rides I’ve taken & so far I’ve been only charged below RM25 for 7 rides within 48 hours! I’m not UBER ambassador or getting paid for this but if UBER can let me start using UBERX (for a cheaper rates) it will be so awesome!

UberBlack, Toyota Innova ( RM10, Paid none)
UberX, Volkswagen Polo GTI (covered by date, Paid none)
UberBlack, Honda Accord ( RM8.43, Paid none)
UberBlack, Toyota Camry ( RM17.90, Paid none)
UberLux, BMW-5 series ( RM30, paid RM17.90)
UberBlack, Toyota Camry ( RM5.65, paid none with free drinks)
UberBlack, Honda CR-V ( RM9.43, paid RM3.51 with free drinks)

Want to try out a luxury session with love ones like a VIP? You can get a complimentary RM30 or S$10 credit on your first ride just by clicking HERE or key in UBERCOCONUT when you sign up for UBER. Don’t have a Credit Card? Not to worry, I applied UBER using Debit Card & glad to have a cashless ride. It’s available @ Singapore as well! According to my last 2 rides, different company will provide different treatment so it’s more on your luck which type of car/services you will get from Pandora’s box XD

P/S: Yesterday saved a kid from almost drowning during my 2nd day lifeguard training

From Wabbit @ Petaling Jaya

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