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Uber like a Boss

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Hey hey, it’s early of the month & I (finally) got my money! Let’s spend it up! I got a feeling, that this month’s gonna be a good month XD


Money to indulge in August

If you know me personally,  you may know my YOLO lifestyle for the past 18 months. I have been living as modest as possible. But since I got myself a job & able to commit in my family expenses, it’s time for me to upgrade myself. Since I don’t spend so much money when most of my time are busy with work, why not make my life a little more comfortable?


Cab at Night

I used to stay in Singapore & it’s common for me to walk around in the middle of the night but now I’m back in Malaysia. I stayed 15 mins walk from the nearest LRT station,  it still sounds okay to walk during the day. To avoid daily nags from my worried mum, I decided to take cab home from station (below RM4) or office (below RM9). The only problem I had if I’m planning to take cab from my housing area, I need to fight for cab via MyTeksi or just wait outside the main road to get rejected from lazy drivers GGRR 


Free Trips!!!

Everything changes when my friend Walauwei introduced me to UBER! I was credited with RM30 (THANKS A LOT!) as a start to try out this awesome app that has been introduced to Malaysia early this year. I heard about this app few months ago but I didn’t bother to try out since I was stuck with a Nokia not so smart spare phone. Boy I was so regret!!! 2 days ago me & my date both of us separately took uber to watch Guardian of the Galaxy in IMAX! He was kind enough to sent me home using uber as well.



Express Indulge Escape

Last night le brother from Singapore was happened to be in town & insisted that I get my ass to meet him even I when end work @ 10pm. I never regret my stay over as I woke up feeling fresh from wine drinking & freshen up with my favourite bubble bath. Yeah, I know I need to get a pedicure session very soon. I returned the favour by giving Remy & friends a taste on being passengers of  BMW 5-series (UberLux) & Toyota Camry (UberBlack) because I refuse to hop on a cab without using meters. I was surprised that we got free drinks during out Toyota Camry ride, it was really an awesome experience and maybe that’s why we forgot to take picture during our rides EPIC FAILED TO THE MAX! Too bad or should I say luckily we didn’t get to hit the Jaguar via UberLux since we missed out the selfie madness trend? LOL


Bye~ Miss You Already!

I had an awesome time ensuring my safety & also share these experiences with my bro & new friends. These are the rides I’ve taken & so far I’ve been only charged below RM25 for 7 rides within 48 hours! I’m not UBER ambassador or getting paid for this but if UBER can let me start using UBERX (for a cheaper rates) it will be so awesome!

UberBlack, Toyota Innova ( RM10, Paid none)
UberX, Volkswagen Polo GTI (covered by date, Paid none)
UberBlack, Honda Accord ( RM8.43, Paid none)
UberBlack, Toyota Camry ( RM17.90, Paid none)
UberLux, BMW-5 series ( RM30, paid RM17.90)
UberBlack, Toyota Camry ( RM5.65, paid none with free drinks)
UberBlack, Honda CR-V ( RM9.43, paid RM3.51 with free drinks)

Want to try out a luxury session with love ones like a VIP? You can get a complimentary RM30 credit on your first ride just by clicking HERE or key in UBERCOCONUT when you sign up for UBER KL. You can get a complimentary S$10 credit on your first ride just by clicking HERE or key in UBERBLUENATH when you sign up for UBER Singapore. Don’t have a Credit Card? Not to worry, I applied UBER using Debit Card & glad to have a cashless ride. It’s available @ Singapore as well! According to my last 2 rides, different company will provide different treatment so it’s more on your luck which type of car/services you will get from Pandora’s box XD

P/S: Yesterday saved a kid from almost drowning during my 2nd day lifeguard training

From Wabbit @ Petaling Jaya

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Work or Family?

*Click square photo for direct link to Instagram/Facebook Wonder what makes the free spirit like me decided to settled down in a few hours just by chatting? The answer is passion & opportunity. Found my Human Pet friend in Facebook via Don Chan’s status comment & decided to say hi. I end up getting a job. Most important helping a friend with his business & give back to community.

Officially Attached!

Le boss was kind enough to check my new place & got a new computer laptop when my tablet charger MIA. He disagree about “ordinary job” since I’ll will be working with the coolest company! LOL He wouldn’t allow anyone to tell me that I’m unlucky. When I starting to accept the rough journey I had in life, guess God want me to not give up on hope & continue to have faith in success. I take it that I’m success by being happy when it was defined differently to most out there :p

First Day Celebration

Goodbye to 1st 6 months of 2014. I’m entering the 2nd half of the year with my first day @ work. Not only that, it is also 1st day for Swimin12 to operate in the new location. I may work for a young company but entering a huge family of 26 @ PJ Palms Sports Center is something I’m looking forward to with the new management. If you noticed, I’ve chopped off my signature long nails to a natural french for work :D


Humble Beginning

Besides getting to know my new family in KL, EJ’s student was kind enough to special deliver homemade pineapple tart “Ong Lai” to wish boss a prosperous 1st day. Thanks boss for the mini celebration via The Wall Street Sports Bar. Guys can chillax there during World Cup period with the mega screen. Else you can ask me to accompany you to dine/swim when you decided to drop by for a visit anytime from 8am till 10pm.

P/S: New housemate happens to work @ Klang area LOL can arrange pick up for some of my stuff over ^_^

From Wabbit @ Petaling Jaya

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Out off Mother Nature Into Haze Zone

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I had an awesome June. I thank God for making me stay a little longer than I originally planned (thanks to the sky rocket price since mid May for over a month). MAS flight is surprisingly cheaper than Air Asia & Malindo but brunch was a huge disappointing for someone who flies with them for most of my life. Uncle next to me was surprised to see the plane is full, tomorrow is the start of fasting month (Bulan Ramadan).


Farewell Mountain + Sea View

Travel on short noticed has been my trend for the past 18 months. Goodbye to my YOLO life as this trip will lead me to my next full time job. This is managed to packed a lot of goodies for friends in KL with little gifts from Mulu, Kudat & Sandakan (purchased @ Inanam). I was instantly home sick when I found out KL & Klang had been attacked by the evil HAZE again :(



Matt managed to get his hands on Mi1-S AP version. But he’s kinna upset with the fact that getting a 2 years warranty from phone shop cannot win the cheaper rates provided by Mi official website. Mi1-S & Redmi Note will be available in Malaysia & Singapore next month onwards. Hopefully I got enough to get a new phone with my 1st pay cheque hehehe

P/S: Love my future stay & working place

From Wabbit @ Klang

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FIFA World Cup 2014: Germany VS Portugal

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Hey, I bet Germany fans are all happy that #13 Thomas Muller scored 3 goals. It’s a bitter moment for Portugal fans or those who bet on Ronaldo :p Just because you got a star player doesn’t mean you got a team player!


Deutscher Fußball-Bund

Surprisingly the happy moment didn’t last long as I start to morn over my late mixed German grandmother. These 2 nights I’ve been seriously having insomnia reflecting how I have been isolated myself from many joyful celebration/people. Guess I’m not ready to be the usual bubbly me till the end of 100 days…

P/S: Still feel bad that I missed out Synergy‘s showcase on Father’s Day

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu

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Press Conference: KK Jazz Fest

*Click square photo for direct link to Instagram/Facebook After late lunch with Ko-An, we rushed to Sutera Harbour Marina for a Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival press conference. There’s a brief introduction from all performing artist and before the end of the conference we had a preview by Mezzotono from Italy. Check the short clip HERE


Hey Mumbo, Mumbo Italiano

I’m looking forward to this year’s performances after viewing the performing list. My favourite KK Jaz Fest is still the first year @ Jesselton Point even with the tight budget. I skipped a few years during my time in Singapore & I was a little disappointed with the performances selection the previous 2 years. I have high hope in this year’s show, hopefully it won’t let me down *fingers crossed*


8th KK Jazz Fest Family Portrait

How can you start a music festival without a group photo? Ahahaha I bet the organizing team has been working hard for these weekends. Let the show begin, but first…


Daphne iKing is BACK!

Daphne iKing is a journalist, TV host, emcee, actress, columnist, loving wife & mother. This 2003 Unduk Ngadau (Sabahan) winner is back in town to host this year’s KK Jazz Fest. According to her Instagram Iman puked on her but I guess her sunshine smile & sea breeze @ Sutera Harbour makes us all just want to jump on her for some photo without noticing any flaws on her.


8th Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival

I was a little tired after being out whole day but it won’t stop me from enjoying the night. Thank you KK Jazz Festival for the lovely treat after filling my feedback. Who doesn’t love a cold ice cream while enjoying some awesome jazz performances? ^_^ Last but not least photo bomb my fellow Carlsberg Diamond Idol judges LOL


Carlsberg Diamond Idol Judges

Kian Kok School Big Band & Fingerstyle are fresh but there’s a lot of potential in all these youngsters. I was very impressed with SIA Goofy especially their male singer, smoking hot vocal I could say. Rozelle Marie has a sensational power vocal that I wish I had, The Season 4 will prove to you that they had more salt than you had rice, Jerome Rico & Mara Viola are the power duo from Phillipines. Seriously I donno what Phillipines have been eating but all the Phillipino entertainers I’ve known are so good in what they are doing, maybe they are born to do it, maybe it’s Maybelline? Sumandak Joan Jim Quintet made a grand opening behind her strings, Yuta Tanaka makes me jelly with Wonderful Tonight & last but not least Harry Toledo Cover that puts us on our feet that we refused to leave. You want more? Come back tonight 7pm til midnight for the finale…

P/S: Maggie goreng for supper with the Uncles :p

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu

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