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Pullman: Samsung GALAXY S5, Gear 2 & Gear Fit

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Note 3 has been very popular among my friends since it was launched in Malaysia. Thanks Manoah Consulting for having me to check out the latest product by Samsung Malaysia @ Pullmam Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar.


Samsung GALAXY S5 & Gear

Photo courtesy of Kelly shows how excited are we to unpack the latest Samsung GALAXY S5 RM2399, Gear 2 RM899 & Gear Fit RM599. Currently Malaysia will focus on white & black units. Miss blue can only patiently wait for the electric blue unit to arrive Malaysia soon. Le god father is currently using Note 3 Rose Gold Black, the copper gold unit might get his interest since he loves gold!


Greedy Me wants them All!

Lucky me get to check out the new Samsung GALAXY S5, Gear 2 & Fear Fit. Had fun catching up with some of the bloggers that I have not meet for a while… There are 5 fun facts about this series that you need to know, look down for more :D


Treasure Hunt

FUN: 16MP, autofocus in 0.3secs, stable HDR mode, selective focus
SPEED: WiFi 802.11ac, 2X2 MIMO, LTE cat 4, download booster
LIFE: dust & water-resistant, B&W display with Ultra Power Saving
FIT: personal fitness tracker, pedometer, heart rate sensor
STYLE: perforated pattern on the back cover, contoured shape



Dinner time ROAR

Okay, didn’t get to win any new phone/gear/bundle but at least we get to enjoy the yummy food by Pullman. Thanks Calista for the above photo.


Fun @ Home

With the collaboration of X-mini, Samsung was kind enough to prepare this bluetooth thumbsize speaker as door gift. It will be very useful for me as I am always on the road for singing competition & performances. GALAXY S5, Gear 2 & Gear Fit will be in town on 11th April. Do check out Samsung Malaysia if you are interested to place your pre-order on this fantastic new phone ;)

P/S: Managed to get back home before midnight :D

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Review: bag of Love

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Thank you The Butterfly Project for giving me the chance to review Jan14 Bag of love. What is that??? Gosh, so many stuff how can I get myself to done trying everything in time? Mamasan said test all in one night kakaka but that never happen Never try never know right? Let’s go!


Lot’s of Love <3

Inside my bag of love there are Wella Professional Enrich Moisturizing Shampoo & Treatment, RM30 cash voucher for Strip: Ministry of Waxing, King of Mask All-in-One Collagen Mask, Uber Men Whitening Hydra Gel Cleansing + Toner Effect, Alqvimia Body Sculptor Oil, Anti-Cellulite Body Oil, Shape Reducer Body Oil, Etude House Wonder Pore After Sun Special Set & RM20 cash voucher for (not in next photo).


New Year, New You!

Wella Professional Enrich Moisturizing Shampoo 250ml, RM55
If you are not familiar with the condition of my hair in 2013, you may check out my collection HERE. I became very particular with my hair products & I love this shampoo. It eliminates oil/dirt out from my scarp/hair but at the same time didn’t dry out my bleached hair. Highly recommend for damaged hair that needs enrich moisturizing.

Wella Professional Enrich Moisturizing Treatment 150ml, RM58
This will be my least favourite hair treatment product. This statement is based on 3 usage with increasing amount used on my each hair wash session. I think the existing conditioners in my bathroom can do a better job :/

Strip: Ministry of Waxing RM30 Cash Voucher
Haven’t get the chance to try out the RM30 voucher as there’s no outlet located near Klang area. But based on my experience as guinea pig model back in Singapore, I had mixed results done by different students so I hope my next visit as a client in Malaysia will be way better in terms of sensitive reaction after some of my treatments.

King of Mask All-In-One Collagen Mask RM5.90
I actually had problem peeling/biting the packaging so I had to surrender to the scissors’ help to unlock my very first collagen mask. Upon applying to my face I actually enjoyed the weird woody root smell. I can’t tell how good is this mask with a single usage but with the slight skin irritation after 20 minutes on my face is consider a good record in my list for my typical 30 minutes mask session.

Uber Men Whitening Hydra Gel Cleanser Full Size RM11.90
It eliminates dirts & oil, it comes along with a toner effect. Best used after work out session as you don’t have to bring your toner along :p Too bad that I’m still single as I would definitely enjoy the manly after shave perfume fragrance from this cleanser ^_^

Body Sculptor Oil 150ml RM370
Anti-Cellulite Body Oil 150ml RM290
Shape Reducer Body Oil 150ml RM290
These Alqvimia products are not cheap but not really the items that I would use everyday. The Body Sculptor Oil were meant to prevent excess weight & liquid retention while tone the skin but I only use it when I had hard time going to bed, the lemongrass smell works better than lavender (for me). The Anti-Cellulite Body Oil drives me crazy as I don’t fancy the smell that reminds me of nuts :( Shape Reducer Body Oil had this lemon + other unfamiliar smells. I guess it suppose to help me reduce my weight as well?

Etude House Wonder Poer After Sun Special Set
(Full size product range from RM69.90-79.90)
These 7 in 1 total pore solution might be what I need for my rough pores =.= Wonder Pore Clay Clear appeared in ash mud colour, it feels like having cake cream on your face for 15-20 minutes. After rinse I feel my face becomes smoother & smells fresh. I personally find the Wonder Pore Freshner a little too sticky for a toner but enjoyed the green apple fragrance. The Moistfull Aloe Smoothing Gel looks like sanitizer when you squeeze it out make you think oh no, typical aloe vera is attacking. Luckily there’s no smell from this product & I enjoyed the moist level on my skin. RM20 Cash Voucher
Who wants to get themselves a few boxes of contact lens? I had 2 RM10 cash voucher but you need to have a minimum purchase in order to have the rebate so it’s not really my thing. Ask me if you’re interested to use my vouchers :)

Sorry, there’s no selfie or more up close shoot of the products. I’m not your typical beauty blogger, just a lucky tomboy having the privileged to try out some mysterious beauty products. If you personally ask me, I think I’m getting a little too much stuff to use so I don’t think I would be interested to get more surprises till I’m done with the stuff I had with me. But if you find my beauty adventure is fun & would like to it a try you can check out their FACEBOOK page for the latest updates :D

P/S: Mamasan asked if my nick Coconut comes from the size of my coconuts =.=

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School of Skindulgence: Pledge

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Let’s keep this post short & sweet. My Dove Body Wash is currently running an Instagram campaign. What is Skindulgence? Skindulgence is a simple routine that can be done at home. All you need is to Pledge 21 days to practicing Skindulgence, and you could stand a chance to win yourself a 3D/2N indulgent island getaway!



Today’s the day that I eat right
Drink sufficient water day and night
Today’s the day I move a little more
Take the stairs to go up a floor
Today, I’ll show my skin some love
Today’s Skindulgence day with My Dove Body Wash

Make a habit out of Skindulging yourself every day, and snap photos of your committed practice for 21 days (1st March – 30th April). Dove Malaysia will select the top 10 sets of photos, and jet the deserving winners off to a magnificent island for absolute pampering and relaxation. For a chance to win, post at least 1 photograph a day, with a minimum posting of 7 photographs per pillar* (Eating Right, Stay Active & Loving Yourself) throughout 21 days. If you think you got what it takes to be one of the lucky winner, Sign up HERE & start instagraming today!

P/S: The first 250 Butterfly project member who completes their 21-days instagram challenge will be receive a Dove Hamper worth RM100

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The Apartment: Skindulgence, Your Better Than Milk Routine

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Thank you The Butterfly Project for having me in my very first appearance among your beauty bloggers community. It’s been years since my last visit to The Curve, kinna miss the Top 200 selection during Project Superstar year 2 & 3…


Early Bird Gets the Best Seat

Attending Dove’s event deffinately need to dress up according to their white/dark blue colour theme ;) Glad to met Jennie, my hometown gal again. Guess last night I wasn’t dateless after all :p


Dove Body Wash Demo

Decided to give it a try. The level of moisture on my left had was 66.6%, after using full cream milk it went up to 69.8%. The level of moisture on my right hand was slight lower at 64.4%, after using Dove body wash it went extremely moist @ 71.1%. Guess it’s really better than MILK! Totoro, you are so wrong about milk :p I have to admit I love to wash/sanitize my hand whenever I had is the reason my hand is way moister than most gals that enjoys using moisturizing products :x I might get to love myself better by try Dove’s latest product on my dry feet in the future ^_^


Preparing our own Salad

If you did noticed my previous photo it was written Group A Kitchen: Eat Right! Jennie & I was so happy cause we’re such a typical oink oink hehehe Turns out we had to prepare out own healthy meal. We learnt to prepare two dish which are Broccoli Chicken Salad & Japanese Saba with Mushroom. Since dinner is served after the event by The Apartment we got to bring our little creation back home & eat right :D


Shower Time :D

Guess after all the tiring time it’s time for me to stay active by trying everything out. Love the flavouring of the salads due to the mixed ingredient, but the Japanese Saba is somewhat too oily for my liking. Dove Beauty Nourishing (dark blue) has the very milky smell, eliminates body odor better if you stay indoor without using deodorant, a good shower freshen up your morning ;) Dove Gentle Exfoliating (light blue) has mild smell if you don’t fancy milk smell, it has this little beads that gives your skin a gentle scrub, I prefer to use this at night before I go off to bed Z.Z

Hey, come a little closer. I heard that next month onwards Dove will be having an Instagram contest. You can win yourself a RM100 hamper weekly & 10 lucky winners will have an awesome 3D2N trip to Krabi! Do wait up for my next update or check out their Facebook Page.

P/S: It’s a SMALL WORLD after all! Met another homey away from home

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Hanayome Nature’s Annual Dinner

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Traveling has been a recent trend for me in my entertainment career, first of all I want to thank Alfred for giving me the opportunity for my first vocal performance in KL. Last month he also allowed me to have my first emcee job in KL as well. Let’s have a look on last night’s journey…


Getting Ready at Backstage 

Since we’re early at the dinner venue around 6:30pm, camwhore session is a must especially when you’re performing with your celebrity dad. Aww!!! I hate my pimple =.=


 Hanayome Nature’s Annual Dinner

Don’t papa Frankie & I look awesome? Hanayome Nature had their annual dinner at Golden Dragonboat Restaurant. I want to thank the host for allowing the performers to dine together at the VIP table. I kind of enjoy being served like a boss! Hehehe…


Malaysia’s Chinese Duo Singers

It’s an honor to able to perform together with Tian Xiang (right) Yu Xiang (left). For your information Tian Xiang was the champion for Astro Classic Golden Melody 2006. Hopefully my first performance in KL will be a stepping stone for me to continue my entertainment in Peninsular Malaysia & once again enter to Singapore again.


Jean d’Arcel + Algologie

Best thing about attending an event is getting freebies by Hanayome Nature. Feels like going to a blogger event. Yeah, I got questions to all my beauty bloggers out there: How am I suppose to use the VITAMIN C TREATMENT KIT? Sometimes I wonder if I fit to have such blessings as I’m a noob when it comes to beauty :x

P/S: Check out my FACEBOOK PAGE as I will be updating my profile/cover photo ;)

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