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Freediving: 15th Liga F 2014

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You may check out my freediving collections HERE. Here’s the finale for the last league of the year!


Various Expression after Final Results

As much as I would love to be rank 13 out of 33 participants in 2014 Liga F, not going in the pool for the whole week due to the start of school holidays work. Swimming in 11M with my ass up, I only managed to score 0.5 points for today & continue to stuck @ #14, it’s so pathetic that I decided not to share the most funniest video of the year. Well, I think I really need to improve a lot in my swimming or I will only stuck at my current PBs.


Freediving League (Liga F) @ PJ Palms, 7th Dec

Since it’s the last league of the year we did took a lot of photo. Guess I’m gonna miss everybody for being away this festive season. 4 months is an eye opening journey for me in Freediving. From a person who can’t swim I found my comfort & motivation thanks to Swimin12 for giving me the opportunity to learn swimming, cure my deep pool phobia & found my passion in Freediving. Kiasu people like me always welcome healthy competition to push my limits beyond my own boundaries. Hopefully I won’t take the break to be lazy :p

P/S: Looking forward to participate in next year’s official Freediving competition

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Freediving: The Wall-Turn

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You may check out my freediving collections HERE. Here’s a quick report for the second last league of the year!


Freediving League (Liga F) @ PJ Palms, 29th Nov

If you noticed above this is the first group photo without me inside as I was busy with clients in the office. Meh… Thanks mentor Walter for the tips on wall-turn as I had to not matter what must make time squeezed  2 hour sessions with him during his very short trip in town. This week I hardly had time for yoga or pool training as it’s end of the month means deadline for closing end of the month account *scream in concern* I was a little concern that I might not about to even reach my last PB (personal best) 50M with my failed warm up session (touched down 1/3 of 50M, fail to reach 2/3 of 50M) but thank God I managed to survived with a little push & break a new 55M records! Today we see a lot of new record breaking with no Red card, just 2 Yellow cards & penalties are given out.



SSI Total Divelog

Thanks Mas & Zalwana for the advance Christmas to both Patrick & I as an encouragement for both of us. Hopefully when I’m not that busy with work I can have more open water session or at least spend more time in the pool. Somehow I feel this passion of mine have turned from interest to a commitment since I’m #foreveralone

P/S: I just wanna get over my accounts GGRR

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Freediving: Explore Open Water

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You may check out my previous exposure to freediving HERE. Today I finally get to explore open water session after waiting for 2 freaking months (due to workload) =.=


Paul was there since 7am

2 day ago I heard 3 diving instructors Marine Monkees finally get the taste of being students again doing their exams after class & pool session with flying colours. Melvin who just completed his SSI Level 1 volunteered to be my buddy (so that he can train together with his friends as well) of the day. Sorry you had to make so many rounds to find my place ]:


 Instructor Azua doing Wefie. Where am I?

Not only the guys done with flying colours in their exams, they also had almost perfect dives for their open water session. I really wonder if being a scuba diver helps them a lot in today’s dive of 10M attempt. I failed to get far no matter with nose clips or mask. Not sure if I’m not used to it or just the stupid little fear in me that stops me from reaching all the way down.



10Meters attempt on 6th Dive

Thanks to Instructor Azua for not giving up on me & constant support from the guys that I finally managed to equalized  & pull down all the way to 10M with nose clip without mask on my 6th dive after being in the lake for 3-4 hours. I had to take off my wetsuit for the dive as I noticed my buoyancy level is very high, I guess going up took forever even when I didn’t do anything. Yeah, you may officially call me a floater :p


Graduation Ceremony for the Monkees

Congratulations to YY, Shonny & Paul. It was fun to hang out with a bunch of happy go lucky monkees. Some how today’s session got me addicted to wanting more training session. Hey, I want to graduate ASAP as well!!! Maybe this is a new beginning to more open water session since my open water buddy Melvin is also aiming to get his DiveMaster in scuba diving soon.

P/S: Yeah, Walter is in TOWN (even for a super short trip)!

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Eastin: Launch of Mobile App HotelQuickly

*Photo courtesy of HotelQuickly, you can check out my instagram updates HERE

Last Friday I got a text from my aunt asking me if there’s any cheap decent hotel they can stay in Singapore for below RM120. I told her it’s impossible based on my previous experience booking a room for parents during my graduation ceremony & ex-boss’s personal stay. It’s frustrating when you have to sit in front of the computer for hours just to search for many hotels listed in a country/area when your trip is confirmed less than 2 weeks time.


Introducing Hotel Quickly 

I downloaded this app 5 days ago before the press release & boy I was impressed! You get to select out of the Top 10 best deals in town based on your budget, using 20 currency around the globe & even pick up to 5 languages! With a network of over 4000 hotels in 14 countries I would love to see rates which are up to 28% cheaper compared to the best price you can get online in last minute. When I said CHEAPER it’s inclusive of tax! I bet you get what I mean ya ;)


 Sarah Lian & Lee Yvonne are curious with my Deals

Even Actress Sarah Lian and Miss World Malaysia 2012 Lee Yvonne run after me when they found out I got better deals from my phone. Sharing is caring, so I decided to help Sarah to get a complimentary RM70 credit while Co-Founder & CEO Tomas Laboutka helped Yvonne to get a complimentary RM50. Everybody is happy & we are already talking about going to Hong Kong very soon :D


Is it Instant?

Not sure how to use HotelQuickly? If you’re familiar with Uber for private transportation, HotelQuickly offers the similar concept. Connecting to the best deal near you without doing hours of reseach in front of the computer before your trip. So if you’re feeling like having a quick getaway this weekend of just happened to forget to book a romantic place for that special birthday/anniversary within 48 hours? This is your chance to be adventurous with random hotels based on your budget up to 4 nights! ;) 



 My Printed Name with Other Bloggers

It was a great time catching up with my bloggers friends & thanks HotelQuickly for printing out our names, it makes us feel special but I think the gals & I would prefer a free night stay from one of the featured hotels LOL Someone tempted to steal the pillow but due to hygiene reason I had to give it a missed :p Yeah, it’s been a while I can relax from the concrete jungle ever since I start working. I think this app will be very handy for me when I randomly visit a friend out of town or having friends coming to visit me like anytime from now on.


Can’t Wait for my Next Trip

Okay, I’m interested to check out this application. What next? You may click this LINK if you’re reading this post on your mobile or download HotelQuickly entering promo code NBLUE2 to get a complimentary RM70 credit on your first stay. Good news to my readers, if you’re planning to stay more than a night then you might consider entering promo code HQNATALIE under the ‘Credits’ tab or click this LINK to get 10% off on you first stay :D Now, pick up your phone & pick your impromptu travel deal~ Still remember about my aunt? I found out that the hotel I recommended to her is listed as RM155 in Hotelquickly yesterday afternoon just right after the event. She find my recommendations very useful especially when she’s going to stay for 3-4 nights on her next visit.

P/S: Off to open water session with Azua & other SSI Level 1 students in a short while

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Paradigm: G.E.M. XXX World Tour Live In Malaysia 2015 Ticket Launch

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I have had a break from work for sometimes, finally boss forced me to absent myself from work. Just when I thought I can have some me time & maybe had open water session with the freedivers, I had the sense to check when is the next ticket launch for Gem’s up coming tour concert in Malaysia.


Yesterday Late Afternoon by CarolXiaoYing

What to do? Papa Frankie wants to see her perform live so I went to camp overnight after my brunch session with my buddy Suresh. Thanks for dropping me off  @ Paradigm Mall. Above photo was taken when I was away to purchase Burger King for the 1st 12 loyal Malaysia Gem Fans Group had spent a night in the mall. I salute their passion towards this Hong Kong singer.


 Camping in the Mall

Papa Frankie was touched by my love & was kind enough to drag me to dinner @ Subway, prepare my favourite homemade cempedak cake, fold-able chair & sleeping bag. Most of the youngsters & fans are excited for the concert & stayed up whole night chit chat away while me & a few much elder ones need our beauty sleep :p



Fan Groups VS Friends&Family

12 pax ahead of me (left) are a bunch of passionate strangers united together to purchase 80+ VVIP & 50+ VIP tickets! 4 pax behind me (right) got themselves 2 VVIP, 4 PS1, 3 PS2 & 10 PS4. Geng mou? The gal before me got 3 VVIP tickets, 1 for herself & 2 for some random old folks that asked for her help. I myself got myself 4 PS4 since papa insist not to waste so much money.


 Spot Me Among the Crowds

Not sure how many people were there @ 11am but we are sure it won’t be less than 300 pax turn up to fight for some Feng Shui seats. The warrior managed to concur the first 5 minutes of the ticket launch session & went straight out for my brunch session. I have high respect for Gem’s supporters as some of them actually going to attend both Malaysia & Singapore tour concert. As a Celine Dion die hard fan I’m somewhat ashamed of myself for not attending any of her concerts in Malaysia or Singapore yet. Some more with her husband’s condition she delayed her up coming tour as well to spend some quality time with family :(


Hi Gem, I’ll see you Next Year!

This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience, I feel old for getting all the back pain from sitting & sleeping on the floor. But to the youngsters they see me with envy as I got sleeping bag to sleep & chair to sit whenever I need them :D While I was updating my blog, rumored has VVIP & PS4 sold out! I’m kinna excited in a way since it’s been year since my last concerts @ Singapore with Yoga Lim, Show Luo & Coldplay.

P/S: Loving my new 530 thread count quilt cover set & cotton pillow from Akemiuchi

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