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Paradigm: G.E.M. XXX World Tour Live In Malaysia 2015 Ticket Launch

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I have had a break from work for sometimes, finally boss forced me to absent myself from work. Just when I thought I can have some me time & maybe had open water session with the freedivers, I had the sense to check when is the next ticket launch for Gem’s up coming tour concert in Malaysia.


Yesterday Late Afternoon by CarolXiaoYing

What to do? Papa Frankie wants to see her perform live so I went to camp overnight after my brunch session with my buddy Suresh. Thanks for dropping me off  @ Paradigm Mall. Above photo was taken when I was away to purchase Burger King for the 1st 12 loyal Malaysia Gem Fans Group had spent a night in the mall. I salute their passion towards this Hong Kong singer.


 Camping in the Mall

Papa Frankie was touched by my love & was kind enough to drag me to dinner @ Subway, prepare my favourite homemade cempedak cake, fold-able chair & sleeping bag. Most of the youngsters & fans are excited for the concert & stayed up whole night chit chat away while me & a few much elder ones need our beauty sleep :p



Fan Groups VS Friends&Family

12 pax ahead of me (left) are a bunch of passionate strangers united together to purchase 80+ VVIP & 50+ VIP tickets! 4 pax behind me (right) got themselves 2 VVIP, 4 PS1, 3 PS2 & 10 PS4. Geng mou? The gal before me got 3 VVIP tickets, 1 for herself & 2 for some random old folks that asked for her help. I myself got myself 4 PS4 since papa insist not to waste so much money.


 Spot Me Among the Crowds

Not sure how many people were there @ 11am but we are sure it won’t be less than 300 pax turn up to fight for some Feng Shui seats. The warrior managed to concur the first 5 minutes of the ticket launch session & went straight out for my brunch session. I have high respect for Gem’s supporters as some of them actually going to attend both Malaysia & Singapore tour concert. As a Celine Dion die hard fan I’m somewhat ashamed of myself for not attending any of her concerts in Malaysia or Singapore yet. Some more with her husband’s condition she delayed her up coming tour as well to spend some quality time with family :(


Hi Gem, I’ll see you Next Year!

This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience, I feel old for getting all the back pain from sitting & sleeping on the floor. But to the youngsters they see me with envy as I got sleeping bag to sleep & chair to sit whenever I need them :D While I was updating my blog, rumored has VVIP & PS4 sold out! I’m kinna excited in a way since it’s been year since my last concerts @ Singapore with Yoga Lim, Show Luo & Coldplay.

P/S: Loving my new 530 thread count quilt cover set & cotton pillow from Akemiuchi

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Freediving: Virgin White Card!

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You may check out my previous exposure to freediving HERE. I think most of us had a break from the long holidays on weekends but now it’s time for another Freediving League (Liga F) of the month!


DYN PB, 6th Oct

I’ve managed to slack a lot due to drinking sessions on my birthday month & also unable to manage my time for work out with the growth in work (good news for the business). Thank God more divhers are more hard working to train @ PJ Palms so I had to push myself not to be lazy this month LOL First time pushing myself to personal best 50 Meter Dynamic with Fins (DYN) with 2 kg weights after CO2 table. Guess I need more weights since I airways twice when I’m near to the shallow side of the 4 feet pool. It was a fun session with Greg, Patrick & Yi Hou.


Supports Needed

I’ve made a choice to stop drinking for a the whole week before this competition & force myself to train since I was unable to hit 50 Meter again & only managed to do warm up for Static apnea as it’s been a while since I can over come the urge to breath. Gah, hate mind game LOL Thanks to my mentor Walter for consistently watch out for my progress, coach Ram for correcting my swimming skills, instructor Azua for feeding me with answers to all my questions in freediving, Vivian for the fins, Yi Hou for the 2kg weight, Ice for the wide angle goggle & boss EJ’s nose clip for today’s competition. Challenge accepted for 1st white card attempt :p


50M DYN @ Liga F, 18th Oct

Sorry that I was being over excited for getting my very first white card. All hard work pays off & I managed to win over Leonard by 1 Meter distance :p Thanks to OD & Malaysia holder Kim Seng for insisting I should use weight before the competition as I’ve been training without weight for the whole week. Instructor Azua thinks that I still need to work on my weak push off  but Walter was just happy that I got the perfect protocol. Now even coach Ram is curious about freediving, we might have new challenger on the next session ;)


Freediving League (Liga F) @ PJ Palms, 18th Oct

Yeah to the clean PB I had today ^_^ Finally got my very first white card, 4 more leagues to go before Pool Master Apnea Challenge. The 2 previous red cards got me to play safe for this round but I will be pushing the boundaries within my own comfort for the next 4 competitions. Not sure if I can still make it into Top 10 but I won’t give up without trying. At least if I’m discipline myself well enough I might aim for Top 5 on next year’s league ;)

P/S: Gonna waive tomorrow’s open water session due to short notice :(

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Freediving: Another Red Card?

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You may check out my freediving collections HERE. It’s time for another Freediving League (Liga F)!


Prof said everyone is ready to Freedive

Yes! Today we will be doing static apnea, it’s also one of my favourite category as well ^_^ Static Apnea scores the highest among 3 Freediving Pool Competition. According to my calculation, if I can score well in the next 2 static (last 6 competition in 2014) I might able to fight my way in Top 10 & exceed to next year’s Pool Master Challenge *anticipation*


Stay Calm & Freedive

Thanks Nik F Kamil for the wonderful photo. You may check them out @ my FB Page. It was a super busy Saturday morning, I was rushing all over the place for work & prepare myself for this competition. For warm up I got 1 Minutes 40 Seconds, 2nd attempt at 2 Minutes 50 Seconds. How come I feel very uncomfortable to hold my breath long ever since I managed to control my contraction. Yes, I used to have very very strong contractions in static. Some how I burp before my time & Semut told me I shouldn’t have problem to hold my breath long in the next round.


3M53S Static @ Liga F, 24th Aug

I still managed to get out off the pool & get myself a glass of warm water before my turn. Some how it’s like a custom for me to avoid feeling dehydrated in the water. From the video you can see Mas hold her breath while I went down, I laugh in the water @ 3 Minutes & got confused @ 3 Minutes 58 Seconds. Too bad I couldn’t get myself back to focus just before I ended my session by saying ‘Okay’ instead of the protocol ‘I am Okay’. It was a punch towards myself for getting another red card when I should be one of the Top 3 this morning :(


Freediving League (Liga F) @ PJ Palms, 20th Sep

So much of the unintentional sabo session. At least it was fun for all of us. Aswad decided to fly in this picture wakakaka Who’s up for the next training session? I’m still not giving up as DYN, Dynamic with Fins has been postponed to next month :p

P/S: Looking forward to SSI course end of the month with Patrick

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Freediving: Hard Work & Records

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You may check out my freediving collections HERE. If you think I’m gonna quit just because I got a red card on my previous session, you are so wrong baby!


Aswad, Patrick, Yi Hou & Nid

The freedivers have been active practicing yesterday (Malaya’s Independance’s Day) & this morning due to public holiday. I guess they are actually still burning in desire after Liga F (Freediving League) last weekends. My lungs are itch as always so I decided to join in today (not too busy with work) to prove that I’ve not given up in my new passion. New discovery that I need to use nearly 5KGs of weight to hold myself down (1.8KGs on neck & 3KGs on waist).


Extreme PB Breakthrough, 1st Sep

According to Yi Hou (buddy theme suit), it took him a while to get from 2 Minutes to 3 Minutes. it’s consider a huge 1 Minute gap for me from 2 Minutes 41 Seconds to 3 Minutes 41 Seconds (3rd attempt) is no pure talent but results of the hard work I have put in. Thanks EJ, Mas & Sham for introducing me to freediving, thanks Walter for the proper guidance before taking my official freediving course, thanks EJ, Walter & Ram for helping me a lot in improving my swimming skills, thanks to all FitWorx instructors for making sure I pushed myself to the limit, thanks Aswad for being an awesome buddy of the day & last but not least myself for accepting all these nonsense training to get myself to the next level :p

Next Target: 4 Minutes here I come!!!

P/S: I had a feeling that I will crash @ tomorrow’s CoreFit session (oh no)

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Freediving: Achievement & Disappointment

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You may check out my previous exposure to freediving HERE. I am lucky to received proper guidance & tips from Walter Johnson, a retired US Navy & passionate in sharing freediving experience with hardworking newbies :D


DNF PB, 22nd Aug

Managed to push my way to 2 Minutes 41 Seconds PB on my 3rd attempt during my training session with both Walter & OD. I’m 4 seconds away from boss EJ’s record ho ho ho Above is my second attempt on DNF up to 22M PB with 2.4kg weight on my neck & 1 kg weight on my waist.


And I’m Feeling Good~

Feeling great yesterday morning before my first attempt in Liga F, Just One Breath #project57 15 league mini competitions of Static Apnea (STA), Dynamic with Fins (DYN) & Dynamic without fins (DNF). Thank you UBER for making sure I started my day hydrated with complimentary water on my way to work since I have been avoiding meals before every freediving session. My trick to stay hydrated & warm is having soup before I jump into the water ^_^


20M DNF @ Liga F, 24th Aug

Maybe I was too nervous or I suck in install too many information before my turn to dive in as you can see I’m so messed up & confused that my strokes & kicks was funny as hell. Had my very first red card due to airways & sign of LMC because of  my confusion in searching for the floating device LOL Wasn’t my best performance but I do hope that this experience will push me to be better & ready for the next session.


Freediving League (Liga F) @ PJ Palms, 24th Aug

Finally, it’s great to be in the in front of the lens rather than behind it :p Friendship & experiences was gain during this league. There is so much more to learn about freediving specially about safety as this is an extreme sports that may cost serious injury or even death if recovery are not done in a proper way.


Hometown Celebrity @ PJ Palms!

Why do I love my job? Meeting the friendly Daphne iKing at work brightens up my Sunday afternoon after my fail attempt in my first freediving competition. It’s been 2 months since KK Jazz Fest & it’s great to see another hometown gal is into water sport, scuba diving for her case.

P/S: Somehow body felt weaker @ gym earlier this morning x.x

From Wabbit @ Petaling Jaya

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