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XRYSS FITNESS – Personal Training House Call To Your Doorstep

Have you ever wonder why there are more obese people in the city compare to the outskirt area? Is it the food, the activities or the lifestyle or combination of all 3 together? Eating fast food, working long hours in front of the computer & lack of exercise has added a decent amount of fats to my poor body. I was lucky enough to came across…


Xryss Fitness 

What if I tell you that fitness is not too far away from you? Or should I say what if you can obtain a healthy lifestyle within your own doorstep by a certified ACE personal trainer? Xryss Fitness is only your typical 1 on 1 personal training, you can even arrange a small group among your friends & family as well!


Personal Training for individual & Mini Group

Looking at their existing results from clients I’m actually motivated to make a change to my body, the only concern is that am I willing to torture my body to get the results that I want? You know what it’s often said, no pain no gain ;)


What is Installed for ME???

Xryss decided to put me & blogger Isaac Tan (thanks for being my model in this post) on the test with her 10 DAYS CHALLENGE! This RM988 package comes with 5 personal training sessions, 1 protein shake tub & a personal trainer who is ready to kick your ass according to the results you’re looking for. Isaac was aiming to finish his up coming marathon while I’m looking forward to my next freediving competition. Obviously both of us need to buck up out stamina & endurance.


Fitness ready to your Doorstep

ACE personal instructor & also paint baller Christine guide us during our 10 days training. We had to jump, squat, pull, push like nobody’s business! 1st week I get to work out with Isaac but the following week we had to do our workout separately as our timetable some how clash the whole week.


Push Until Something Happen!

We may have sessions with our trainers. But the funny thing is that both of us enjoy the same sports when we’re on our on, which is…



I would say the past 10 days wasn’t too hard on me, I just have to work extra hard than usual as I’ve managed to stay on clean diet ever since I started to go serious on freediving. Isaac on the other hand is a little more concern with his diet as he’s a very popular blogger with food & events. But, what can I say… All the hard work for the past 10 days is worth it! Now I’m ready for my freediving trip while Isaac is ready to run his long distance. Wishing us all the best in our own fitness craze!


Nath VS Isaac

I’ve seen & know what my body can do in just 10 days. Imagine what you can achieve in the long run. YOU! Can also achieve a healthier lifestyle if you choose to make the first step. You want to stay as a couch potato or you want to do something that gives you the drive to do something more in your life? Be it for fitness, getting fit, fat loss, body shaping, weight management or just to be a better your, I would personally recommend you to try out the kick starter pack for RM2000 but if you are still not sure if this is what you want, why don’t you contact Christine at 018-2315707 / today to start out with a challenger with their ongoing promo for only RM988??? You would definitely start to notice & love your body even more (like I do now) & thank me for it ;P


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P/S: Looking forward to my attempt to go 20M underwater in 1 breath!

From Nath @ Kuala Lumpur