Calling out to those who wants to throw away your old bra. Hold it right there!!! Neubodi wants your old good bras can be reused by those who can’t afford while bad bras can be recycle into reusable fuel energy.

WE WANT YOUR BRA!!! @neubodi is tying up with #BreastCancerWelfareAssociation Malaysia to raise RM100,000 for BCWA’s HospitalAngels program. #MinistryOfWomenFamilyandCommunityDevelopment Malaysia will also be present to support the 1-month campaign launch at #1Utama today, amongst #breastcancer survivors. @neubodi’s Bra Drive is back for the 5th year! Let’s support the awareness and charity drive so that good bras can be reused by those who can’t afford while bad bras can be recycle into reusable fuel energy. Donate your old bra today to make the world a better place~ Drop your unwanted bra across on 5-8 October “Bra Banks” campaign at 1Utama Shopping Center Concourse or 5 October – 5 November in all outlets nation wide! Please share this info with your loved ones. #donate #support #recycle #neubodi #neubodibradrive #bradrivemy

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First launched in 2013, for the 5th time Neubodi’s Charity Drive encourage the donation of bras at its Bra Bank to benefit women and survivors who have been saved from sex trade.

In conjunction with the International Breast Cancer Awareness month aims to promote the understanding that breast cancer is Gender Blind, encourage the public on the benefits of donating bras to women in need, highlight environmental issues, and last but not least raise funds for Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA).

DONATE, SUPPORT, RECYCLE Bra Drive 2017 consists of
5th October til 5th November: Month-long nationwide charity drive and promotions at all Neudbodi outlets
5th October til 8th October: In-mall campaign kick-off event @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre Ground Floor High Street Concourse

100s of cyclists Pedal Forward started a month of crowdfunding, and they collected more than RM85,000 in 1 month! So far RM65,350 has been collected for BCWA. It’s not too far from the RM100,000 goal.

Neubodi Bra Drive Launch Located at 1 Utama Shopping Centre
No 1 Lorong Sultan, Petaling Jaya, 46200 Selangor, Malaysia
Walking distance from Bandar Utama MRT Station
Check out Website for Information on this month long charity event
Check out Specialty Stores to drop off your old bras