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My 2015 Journey

Happy New Year!!! How was 2015 for you? Are you ready for 2016?



My 2015 Year Review via Facebook

2015 was a great year. I still work as an operation manager @ Swimin12, found long lost friend while working, travel to friend’s wedding & freediving competition, broke my personal records & not planning to stop making my parents proud, continue training to improve my swimming skills, & finally get to double date with a very good friend of mine from Singapore. Looking forward to more personal growth while face the challenging 2016, bring it on!


Photo taken @ Hong Kong 2013/14

Let’s make 2016 a turning point, from bad to good, from good to even better! Happy New Year :)

P/S: Boss is making off day compulsary so I will have more vacation in 2016 ^_^

From Nath @ Petaling Jaya