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Boutique Cupcakes: The Finale

You can check THIS POST for my previous trip to Boutique Cupcakes during the KK Food Fest Period.

It’s sad to announce to all the cupcake lovers in KK that Boutique Cupcakes will be operating until tomorrow. Which means you’ve only got TODAY & TOMORROW to grab these yummy cupcakes!!!


Paper Bag Collection

Due to my work I was unable to enjoy the herbal tea that I love but having the best mom in the world means I got to enjoy some of the yummy desserts. Please envy me :p


Boxes with Royal Stickers

Mom got me 3 boxes of dessert. So happy at the same time my inner body is crying FAT DIE ME!!! Let’s see what inside the tiny box…


Cupcakes: Banana and Black/White

Mom said this was highly recommended by the server and since people are rushing to grab their last few visits, mom decided to give it a try. Ask me in my comment to know how do I find the taste ;)


Chocolate Orange Eclair

Ahaha, previous mom and I assume the orange as peach =.= We love this dessert and I told mom die die must get this. Some more she got me TWO! How can I not love her??? The best part is with the 50% discount after 8pm all these cost RM10.50 ^_^

So peeps, better get them these last 2 days or you’re gonna regret since I heard they won’t be back so soon but definitely will be bigger and better than before. Hopefully I have the privilege to be invited to the opening ceremony *hint* Till then…


The Brand I will Never Forget

P/S: Considering if I should upgrade my camera =X

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu