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Time with Le Family

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If you are still not sure where am I, I’m back home to spend some time with le family aka celebrating Belated Mother’s Day & Advance Father’s Day with le parents or what others usually called Parents’ Day.


Our Morning Adventure

Thanks to my recent lifestyle that the vampire is now a morning person. We pay a visit to Luyang Hospital for blood test & fix my tooth. Had brunch @ Ying Jie Ban Mian but food wasn’t as yummy compare to my last visit a month ago.


Our Night Adventure

Movie with le family is a must whenever I return home. Tonight we watched Godzilla. Not sure if 3D worth it’s price as dad & I prefer the previous Godzilla, we find this one is too perfect that it looks so fake. Meh… I’ve been waiting for Ultraman the whole show. Ah well, you better watch the movie yourself to judge :p

P/S: Having Somersby with le parents, since when they got addicted to my favourite cider?

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu