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Score: Centurion Challenge 2.0



Centurion Challenge 2.0

There’s a drinking competition organized by Score for all the beer lovers out there. It’s back in the second year due to high demand. Weekly prizes of RM1000 & a beer barrel up for grabs! All you have to do is registered yourself & try to survive 100 shots in 100 minutes for RM100 only! THE RULES: no puking, no toilet break, no spitting, no spilling, no eating, no moving from designated spot & no sniff/inhale any form of menthol but cigarette is allowed.


Road Condition by Tammy

I was getting all ready by 6:20pm but stuck in the jam for 2 hours due to the thunder lighting around PJ area. I saw fire fighter rushing off @ SS2 thinking how can there be fire in such weather. It turns out that TTDI 1U had trees falling from the downpour since 6pm. traffic was very bad, even a billboard from 1U was on the road as well. Properties are damaged along the way but I did pray that no one is badly injured. There goes my dinner T_T


Me Against the Boys

Together with Hangry Panda, we still managed to arrive before the rest of the bloggers thanks to my kiasu time management. Representing Jason Chan, it was me with an empty stomach against 13 guys at its highest participants ever. I saw a lot of anxiety going on. Some are stress that I might beat them, some are trying to hold longer than me for the sake of their man ego but we’ll see when the game starts.



He said keep fighting! Little did Emily knows that this random shot is actually one of the underdog of the night. You see him swinging whole night but he’s the only Chinese guy standing like a BOSS!



To be the 7th lady to compete out of 50 participants I would say the pressure was on me with the hightest female achiever managed to swallow 70 shots as I only had 50 shots in mind =.= But I’m not gonna be as bad as the worst drinker with only 12 shots so BRING IT ON! By the way, the photo bomb in the photo is holding a community card. You can get it with every tower purchase & contestant can only use it before the 80th shots. Man, why you never give me? Oh ya, the first participant to gave up last night had a community card in hand as well.


Shot of Beer

I find the competition pretty boring. You’re only get to drink a shot once very minute while standing until the 50th shots then you may have a chair to sit as you wish. I wish I can sing or dance with the music but thankfully Isskie, Kesh & my darling Emily kept me busy with photo session LOL Panda insist I take a picture after every 10 shots to see my progress *geh*


Out after 30 Shots

Sadly to say I only managed to survive 30 shots before my body gave up. Lesson learnt, never drink with an empty stomachs (yes daddy). Nope, I don’t consider having a few bites before competition is eating. I need real full meal at least an hour before drinking :p The good thing is my liver may not be as damaged as back in the older days thanks to freediving. But, there goes my fund to Brisbane :(


Congratulations to the Winners

Everybody was cheering like mad as the previous week there’s no winner at all. It was a great celebration to have a Malaysian still standing next to a foreigner. I finally get to have my super late night dinner before I call the night off. To you all beer lovers out there, there’s a good news for you peeps.


Beery Madness!!!

I kid you not, if you’re working @ 1 Utama or round the area you have no excuse to skip your practise for the grand finale with only RM1 from 5pm onwards! Well, you know they say early bird gets the worm. I say head early to Score at The Roof will get you cheap beer ;)


What if I’m late or still Thirsty?

No worries, as the beer don’t stop there. You may stay back for HAPPIBEERS HOUR from 8 PM onwards! One pint ain’t enough, two pint doesn’t really cut it, BUT THREE PINTS!? You’ll be well on your way to BEER HEAVEN!


Monday No More Bluez

If that’s not enough, now there’s more reason to LOVE MONDAYS! Head over to Score for the best happy hour in town which has now been EXTENDED from 5pm to 9pm. Don’t forget to wear BLUE for BEERY MONDAY! Unless you’re name is Nathalie Blue then it will be a different story :p



Last year’s winner goes to Richard Herbert from Week 12. Who will reign supreme as the King of Centurion Challenge 2.0? This year are we going to celebrate Malaysia Boleh again like we did last night? It’s not easy to be the last man standing but the big fat cheque will damn worth it. See you again next month for the Grand Finale~

P/S: Jude Benjamin, you have been missed!

From Nath @ Petaling Jaya