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Jan Trip: Singapore

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Hello~ Wonder why is there most posts in 2016 compare to 2015? Currently my job is more stable & boss makes it compulsory for this workaholic to claim off days within the month or it will be burnt T_T Since I got 4-5 days off a month, more if there’s public holiday, I would like to take the opportunity to travel around South East Asia as much as possible.


Quick Breakfast with Panda 

I don’t usually have breakfast, but when I do I saw that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…


Joy Ride

Free shuttle was available so I decided to took off without thinking much. Guess what? I ended up at the wrong gates, thank God the staff was helpful enough to drop me off at my gate so that I don’t have to run after my flight, wee~



Talented Dude.SG

I was glad to be able to collaborate with Eugene in his up coming project. Check it out on 18th Febuary.To be honest, knowing him since he got his first camera I didn’t expect he would turn out to be who he is today! I’m so proud of him & couldn’t be more grateful to be part of his work. Yes! I will appear in an art gallery soon!!! Best part is to have him telling me that we got a lot of usable shots, it could be my portfolio of the year as I’ve been inactive in the talent photoshoot since I start working full time.



 Quick Meet Up Sessions

With so little time, this round I managed to catch up with more friends. Dinner with Summer & Zen, lunch with Kenneth, dinner with Nikita & Siaomouse, chill session with Jennifer & managed to catch up with some Couch Surfers at the same time, supper with Andrew, Geri, Jessebelle & Raymond, last but not least beer with Alvin.


 Me Time

Besides spending time with friends, I managed to crash before the long night with friends, watch movie alone like the old days, enjoy burger & beer for lunch. Boss Squirrel FFK me ROAR! Watching The Danish Girl which is not available in Malaysia. Still using my student card for cheap tickets & counter gal actually went to teather to check if I’m above 21 o.O


Rooftop Breakfast

Being a typical workaholic, I’m so used to waking up @ 6:55am even when I’m away from work. Since breakfast starts @ 8am in the morning. I spent some time with the old school desktop. Green Kiwi Backpackers Hotel had a rooftop so I decided to head up for some fresh air just to see morning traffic & Singapore’s infamous 3 minutes rain zzzz


New Friends

Got to know Daniela from Argentina & Steven from Netherlands during my rooftop breakfast, we decided to take the midnight bus to Kuala Lumpur together. Boy, it was an experience that I not wish to have again if you ask my precious back.

It was a short yet fruitful trip. I will be back for Dive Expo & Andrew’s wedding very soon.

P/S: Managed to had soup to keep me warm before bus trip back home

From Wabbit @ Singapore