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Couch Surfing: Nepal Aid Party

*Photo are from FB albums (some under private view)

Some say any reason to party is a good reason to party. Before we get to that part let’s start off with a story from Nepal…


base camp

Annapurna Base Camp to Kathmandu 

It started off when a few of Malaysian Couch Surfing decided to conquering Annapurna Base Camp (4130m). As earthquake struck when the group was at Fish tail mountain, they visited villages near Kathmandu to help those in need. Above events happened in within 2 weeks.



Sharing is Caring

The group was in the village & witness the needs of the locals. They helped with whatever they can before return back home to Malaysia. The lack of basic needs like proper shelter, food & medication got Andy, Elena, Kohviel & Saligram to carry out a mission, Project rebuilding Nalang Village via CS Msia Nepal Aid Party.



Party + Donate

With the help of Wolfpack Gang from Couch Surfing Kuala Lumpur, venue, performers, henna design, food & drinks for the Nepal Aid Party was settled within a week. Even this lovely poster has been created instantly to spreed out the word to those who would share the love to friends they don’t know yet at the other side of the world. 



Rules are Rulez

Being an adult makes me realized that rules are still rules, even when you party like a rockstar :p Here are some of the things you need to follow to enjoy your night: no drugs, no climbing over the roof ledge or walls, no throwing of anything from rooftop, no pissing off the rooftop & most importantly have fun & donate :D


1506777_812849742103326_6926027585679376376_n sam

Performances of the Night

Local artists like Ariff Akhir, Djezna’s stalker, Bechamel MuchoAzren Ukulele & DJ Sam rock the night away & jam with the crowds. It feels like being in high school camp with you get to sing & dance along together with those old familiar songs. CD sales from Djezna’s stalker & money in Bechamel Mucho’s guitar case were donated back to the event.



Henna Design

I’ve not been well for the past few days but I decided to drop by & show my love to this event. I got myself a henna design by Henna Havana at the Backyard KL for only RM5! Food & drinks were also available at a very afforable price from RM3 onwards.



Supportive Crowds

An event would not be suscessful without the passion from these lovely people. I heard that 150 came to show their love. Some including those who went MIA for months up to years decided to make this event the Gathering of the Year! So much shocked, laughters & tears among familiar faces. That’s what they say in CS, once a family forever a family no matter where they’ve been hiding…



Organizers: The Wolfpack KL

CS Msia Nepal Aid Party won’t even happen without the love from CS family, we surf, we host, now we even fundraise in the name of Couch Surfing. CS Malaysia is proud to announce that they have managed to raise total fund of RM3700 + S$60 thanks to all sponsors, supporters & volunteers. I bet most people went back feeling great with the amount raised but the organizers had to stay back till 3am just to make sure the venue is clean before handling back to Backpackers Travellers Inn sampai…



Pengsan X.X

For your information all the profit and donation from this event will be transferred through to Li Li (one of the 15 survived trekkers group) which will later use this money to rebuild the Nalang village. In September, Kuldip (event organizer) and a few other CSers shall make a visit to Nalang Village to check on the progress and try to help out physically as well.



After Earthquack @ Nalang Village

Your support is just a CLICK away! After you’ve made the donation, please TAG CS Malaysia Nepal Aid Party – *your name* *amount* so that they can keep track how much our Nepal Aid Party has collected. Thank you for all the help and support! On behalf of the Nalang Village @ Nepal, I want to thank you for your generous act.

P/S: Getting ready for major dinner tonight with local celebrities ;)

From Wabbit @ Kuala Lumpur