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Knowing Loki for the past 10 years, I received a Christmas request to hunt for the most expensive instant noodle currently in Malaysia, originally from Taiwan at the value of 248TWD. I watched a few past youtubers video but unable to hunt a link to purchase this beef noodle from Taiwan.

Just before giving up I managed to find it in one of the specialty shop in Malaysia. Facebook message them about this instant noodle but I didn’t get the answer I want. Luckily they gave me a list of 12 outlets for me to call on my own.

I have to book the noodle from both Puchong & Subang outlet for RM49.90 a bowl. I took the last bowl from each outlet so I’m don’t think there’s much available in the market as I don’t see it at Sri Petaling outlet.

This morning woke up to this? Ahahaha Singapore is indeed a small country.

Here’s another Intagram Zoom In version (click to play) before I end my Christmas hunt. I’m glad that the girls enjoyed my little gift and thanks for the heads up.

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