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Review: Mary Quant Action Lashings Lengthening Mascara

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It started like this… On behalf of Mary Quant, Don gave out 10 mascara as Christmas gifts by liking his photo & tell him the most creative reason on why we want to win this mascara.


Mary Quant

I didn’t expect to win but I still decided to give it a try. I was picked by client with my simple line “I want to win #MaryQuant Action Lashings Lengthening Mascara because I need to get my eye lashes in action this Christmas ;)”. Don’t all of us want to look good on Christmas? :p


Some of My Christmas Presents

Well, I didn’t get my Christmas presents as I left to Hong Kong for a short notice performances. Just collected my gifts from Don few days ago, better get them before I fly off to Kota Kinabalu again. Hehehe… Let’s check out my new mascara shall we?


Action Lashings Lengthening Mascara

I collected not 1 but 2 mascara! But I can’t have both since I’m collecting on behalf of my darling Ana Jonessy who is in Sabah but she will be in town for WOW Music Festival! Okay, let’s get back to my mascara, don’t get too excited before you see them on me… Hhmm, with the first view people might mistaken my mascara with eye liner. Mary Quant, I think you’re good in providing an odd appearance in your cosmetic product, me likey because I can prank on someone hiak hiak hiak


 05 Brighton Blue

Wuala, I bet there’s nothing better to introduce myself with another blue mascara. I think the last time I had a blue mascara was back in Dec 2013, that’s was like 10 years ago! Action Lashing Lengthening Mascara has double sided coil & chip brush. You get to do you lashes like normal mascara on 1 side & oil gel formula on the other side that helps your awesome long lashes a good push.



What I like about this mascara:
> Sharp BLue in colour, I can have striking eyes even without make up
> Lashes slightly curl up in the edge without using curler
> Not so obvious but got slight length extension

What I don’t like about this product:
> Coil & chip brush easily gets stain from eye liner/shadow

Guess Mary Quant is still unable to fully defy my stubborn heavy eye lashes when most bloggers had positive results on their lashes. Let me try out my new blue lashes in public & see well my eyes work! Mary Quant is available at MUSE by Watsons, Sunway Pyramid. Kindly visit http://mq.maryquant.co.uk/ for more information.

P/S: Rushing off to 2 important meetings today *better run*

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