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Paradigm: G.E.M. XXX World Tour Live In Malaysia 2015 Ticket Launch

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I have had a break from work for sometimes, finally boss forced me to absent myself from work. Just when I thought I can have some me time & maybe had open water session with the freedivers, I had the sense to check when is the next ticket launch for Gem’s up coming tour concert in Malaysia.


Yesterday Late Afternoon by CarolXiaoYing

What to do? Papa Frankie wants to see her perform live so I went to camp overnight after my brunch session with my buddy Suresh. Thanks for dropping me off  @ Paradigm Mall. Above photo was taken when I was away to purchase Burger King for the 1st 12 loyal Malaysia Gem Fans Group had spent a night in the mall. I salute their passion towards this Hong Kong singer.


 Camping in the Mall

Papa Frankie was touched by my love & was kind enough to drag me to dinner @ Subway, prepare my favourite homemade cempedak cake, fold-able chair & sleeping bag. Most of the youngsters & fans are excited for the concert & stayed up whole night chit chat away while me & a few much elder ones need our beauty sleep :p



Fan Groups VS Friends&Family

12 pax ahead of me (left) are a bunch of passionate strangers united together to purchase 80+ VVIP & 50+ VIP tickets! 4 pax behind me (right) got themselves 2 VVIP, 4 PS1, 3 PS2 & 10 PS4. Geng mou? The gal before me got 3 VVIP tickets, 1 for herself & 2 for some random old folks that asked for her help. I myself got myself 4 PS4 since papa insist not to waste so much money.


 Spot Me Among the Crowds

Not sure how many people were there @ 11am but we are sure it won’t be less than 300 pax turn up to fight for some Feng Shui seats. The warrior managed to concur the first 5 minutes of the ticket launch session & went straight out for my brunch session. I have high respect for Gem’s supporters as some of them actually going to attend both Malaysia & Singapore tour concert. As a Celine Dion die hard fan I’m somewhat ashamed of myself for not attending any of her concerts in Malaysia or Singapore yet. Some more with her husband’s condition she delayed her up coming tour as well to spend some quality time with family :(


Hi Gem, I’ll see you Next Year!

This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience, I feel old for getting all the back pain from sitting & sleeping on the floor. But to the youngsters they see me with envy as I got sleeping bag to sleep & chair to sit whenever I need them :D While I was updating my blog, rumored has VVIP & PS4 sold out! I’m kinna excited in a way since it’s been year since my last concerts @ Singapore with Yoga Lim, Show Luo & Coldplay.

P/S: Loving my new 530 thread count quilt cover set & cotton pillow from Akemiuchi

From Wabbit @ Petaling Jaya