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What’s Your Colour? Introducing Amber Brown…

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This year’s make up theme is natural or nude. But it seems like brown is the suitable colour on my tan skin. Guess my warm greet got my new friends from Taiwan to feel comfortable knowing someone who is down to earth :D Check out this video about something new that’s on it’s way in this timeless shade of brown! http://bit.ly/114eRHz


Lovely Couple

Yes, coming back from my Taiwan trip puts me to miss the food back at Taiwan. I noticed there’s more cold plain dishes served during winter and more favoured hot food that I managed to try this summer.



First Day Meals

Hot Fresh Milk Tea for my breakfast and cold duck dish for lunch will be one of the few that I will miss during my recent trip. If you noticed they share a very similar colour…


 Beauty Product and Make up

If you pay attention you will noticed my new make up collection will be towards natural look. I was highly recommended to use VIP Gold Collection Super Beblesh Balm BB from Korea as it will give a natural coverage on my tan skin instead of white layer that is more suitable for fairer skin.  Essence cream + brown eye shadow from Germany put an earthly 3D effect with new technology to enhance your eyes naturally. ZA natural cheeks groovy also had an 3D effect. Hhmm… Seems to me that 2013 will be a year about 3D, natural and nude. Sounds sexy to me…


Amber Brown

Call me a buyers but with the new look I’m getting from Taipei I might as well have a full make over. If your mum thinks the screen of her Samsung S3 is too small and you have been complaining that your tab is too big to fit in your purse for events, Samsung is here to save you with the their latest Amber Brown Samsung GALAXY Note II. With white, pink, red and grey, now you can have a warm and sensual colour with you ;)


Note II Brown Ad

Image Sharing Madness

Can you guess my favourite colour yet? It is well hidden in this poster :p I’m glad that my favourite white chocolate works well with this year’s current trend the milk chocolate. This sophisticated elegant colour will build confident in me on my next event. Still can’t decide if this size is suitable for you? Take your time while I enjoy some dark chocolate with red wine :p

P/S: Will be participating in a music video production early next month ^_^

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu