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GFC: Treesome TGIF

After seafood session @ DoWish Seafood Restaurant thanks to Emil, last night we picked Pam for our Gary Friend Club 3some gathering. It’s been a while since our last gathering as Pam is always too tired to come out at night and I am going to be very busy with my life soon.


K session @ Amp Square Karaoke

It was a weekend so price rate @ RM30++ per pax *sweat* We arrived at 10pm and had 3 hours session till 1am They didn’t expect to stay till 1am but we did LOL ;)


Lights and lots of CCTV

It was both Pam and my first time here so I kinna liked the place till our server makes us laughed because everything she ordered like honey and (suddenly forget what she asked for) not available -.-“


So-called fruit juice + titbits

Without wasting anytime Goh Goh and Pam start fighting for the remote and key in the songs they wanted to sing. Wuahahaha I actually waited till they don’t have much idea what song to sing and as usual randomly selected some hits from the popular list. Kinna skipped tons of songs since it’s too HITS for them =.=


Goh Goh VS Pam

 At first I was thinking a drink per person with titbits very expensive le… Yeah, the server came in to informed us that we got another drinks like half an hour before times up? Forgotten what Pam ordered again and again not available =.= Best part is when our 2nd drinks are almost as plain like water, kinna potong steam la singing here.


Using Goh Goh’s iPhone, why never snap me? :(

I always know Pam sings but I think it was the first time I heard Goh Goh sang and he can really Sing! Yeah, we kinna don’t feel like leaving @ 1am and Pam suddenly felt young for not being not sleepy so we head to Gaya Street for light supper @ Foo Yuen


Halal Dim Sum RM3.60
Kopi C RM2.30
Butter & Kaya Bread RM1.30

It was a pleasant alcohol free night for me. Very glad to gather with my friends of 5 years from GFC, Pam and I know each other longer from the same school :p

P/S: Next Monday photo shoot session :D

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu