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Texas: Asia Asia Bloggers’ Community Gathering

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Diana dropped me a comment on FourSquare during Wednesday morning, apparently she was trying to invite me but due to our funny way of communication that I went to Texas Grill Restaurant & Bar with Ana last night ;)


Air Asia Bloggers’ Community

It was great to see some of KK bloggers as I’ve been away for a while. Surprise surprise, typically me is always all over the place that I often appeared unexpected. That is so me :p



Dinner is Served

Minus the snail services, misplaced order & my over grilled Salmon Steak, overall dinner was awesome. Love the mushroom soup, it’s not so thick (typical Malaysia style) but so far it’s the closest I can get to my favourite wild mushroom soup back in Singapore. Salad was fresh, just that I wish there’s salt to add on the biting sensation. Vegetarian Pizza with cheese was awesome for me but not for Ana who is a vegetarian. Last but not least the awesome cheese cake with ice cream end our dinner session perfectly with Sabah Tea. I was evil enough to whatsapp Calista our potato feast hehehe


Congratulations, You’re Going to…

After dinner, Daphne informed us that there’s a surprise for us underneath our chair. Congratulations to all winners, no tickets to Kuala Lumpur/Singapore/Hong Kong for me but I will be using Daphne’s instagram photo for all after dinner post, I hope you don’t mind? :D



Hyper KK Bloggers

Thank you Air Asia for having Daphne, Ka Mei & Ashman to organised such an awesome gathering since last September. I was a little shy to be the newbie among the group but KK is so small that we happen to know everybody. It’s never better to be back @ home :)


Ready to Take-off!

Once again thank you Air Asia for the awesome T-shirt & goodie bag. I heard Sabah was the first few it receive these set of uniforms. *cabin crew mode ON!* I will definitely wear it on your next event ;) Till my next flight with Air Asia again (very soon), good night~

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu