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Hanayome Nature’s Annual Dinner

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Traveling has been a recent trend for me in my entertainment career, first of all I want to thank Alfred for giving me the opportunity for my first vocal performance in KL. Last month he also allowed me to have my first emcee job in KL as well. Let’s have a look on last night’s journey…


Getting Ready at Backstage 

Since we’re early at the dinner venue around 6:30pm, camwhore session is a must especially when you’re performing with your celebrity dad. Aww!!! I hate my pimple =.=


 Hanayome Nature’s Annual Dinner

Don’t papa Frankie & I look awesome? Hanayome Nature had their annual dinner at Golden Dragonboat Restaurant. I want to thank the host for allowing the performers to dine together at the VIP table. I kind of enjoy being served like a boss! Hehehe…


Malaysia’s Chinese Duo Singers

It’s an honor to able to perform together with Tian Xiang (right) Yu Xiang (left). For your information Tian Xiang was the champion for Astro Classic Golden Melody 2006. Hopefully my first performance in KL will be a stepping stone for me to continue my entertainment in Peninsular Malaysia & once again enter to Singapore again.


Jean d’Arcel + Algologie

Best thing about attending an event is getting freebies by Hanayome Nature. Feels like going to a blogger event. Yeah, I got questions to all my beauty bloggers out there: How am I suppose to use the VITAMIN C TREATMENT KIT? Sometimes I wonder if I fit to have such blessings as I’m a noob when it comes to beauty :x

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