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Freediving: 15th Liga F 2014

You may check out my freediving collections HERE. Here’s the finale for the last league of the year!


Various Expression after Final Results

As much as I would love to be rank 13 out of 33 participants in 2014 Liga F, not going in the pool for the whole week due to the start of school holidays work. Swimming in 11M with my ass up, I only managed to score 0.5 points for today & continue to stuck @ #14, it’s so pathetic that I decided not to share the most funniest video of the year. Well, I think I really need to improve a lot in my swimming or I will only stuck at my current PBs.


Since it’s the last league of the year we did took a lot of photo. Guess I’m gonna miss everybody for being away this festive season. 4 months is an eye opening journey for me in Freediving. From a person who can’t swim I found my comfort & motivation thanks to Swimin12 for giving me the opportunity to learn swimming, cure my deep pool phobia & found my passion in Freediving. Kiasu people like me always welcome healthy competition to push my limits beyond my own boundaries. Hopefully I won’t take the break to be lazy :p

P/S: Looking forward to participate in next year’s official Freediving competition

From Nath @ Petaling Jaya