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Ari7474: Wonder of Kota Kinabalu

if you still remember Ari’s trip to KK last March as one of the SHY GUYS, guess what he gave me as token of appreciation for touring him around when he’s in town…

“S” Coconut :D

I know I’m not really that sexy but he’s really good. I’m so glad that I was given the chance to learn a thing or two about modelling from him during his trip. If you can’t get enough of the picture above, not to worry. Even mom and I had problem selecting our favorite from this collection.

Cover and profile Picture in Facebook

I couldn’t resist and so I decided to use 3 photo since I love them all very much. Just one thing to Ari, where is the lovely photo we took in the hotel room? I love the photo you took me facing the mirror. Hopefully I can have the chance to collaborate with you again if you are satisfy with my performance in this session ;)

Do check out Ari’s portfolio @ Facebook & Model Mayhem.

P/S: Still waiting for Robin’s collection ^_^

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu