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Classic Golden Melody: The Audition

I was happily preparing this article and then it just vanish. Seriously I hate it whenever my laptop does this to me, it kills my inspiration! Back to the topic.

papa Frankie is off to audition in Astro Classic Golden Melody Singing Competition. Last year he wasn’t ready with the new rules set by Astro so he decided not to continue the competition. Not to worry as this year he’s back and well prepared by Astro latest challenge: Light & Easy for most ah pek and ah ma but papa Frankie and I prefer to call it as Fast Track :D

Frankie Frankie GO GO GO!

Yeah, I may not able to see you kick ass in the audition today but this little cheer leader of yours will do her best to support you in your Top 20 Preliminary round, Top 12 semifinal and Top 8 round final.

I really hope to see you shine in the Grand Finale. Do update me the good news ya? ^_^

P/S: Stuck @ home when most of my friends are out for the event of the year =.=

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu