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Freediving: Explore Open Water

You may check out my previous exposure to freediving HERE. Today I finally get to explore open water session after waiting for 2 freaking months (due to workload) =.=


Paul was there since 7am

2 day ago I heard 3 diving instructors Marine Monkees finally get the taste of being students again doing their exams after class & pool session with flying colours. Melvin who just completed his SSI Level 1 volunteered to be my buddy (so that he can train together with his friends as well) of the day. Sorry you had to make so many rounds to find my place ]:


 Instructor Azua doing Wefie. Where am I?

Not only the guys done with flying colours in their exams, they also had almost perfect dives for their open water session. I really wonder if being a scuba diver helps them a lot in today’s dive of 10M attempt. I failed to get far no matter with nose clips or mask. Not sure if I’m not used to it or just the stupid little fear in me that stops me from reaching all the way down.



10Meters attempt on 6th Dive

Thanks to Instructor Azua for not giving up on me & constant support from the guys that I finally managed to equalized  & pull down all the way to 10M with nose clip without mask on my 6th dive after being in the lake for 3-4 hours. I had to take off my wetsuit for the dive as I noticed my buoyancy level is very high, I guess going up took forever even when I didn’t do anything. Yeah, you may officially call me a floater :p


Graduation Ceremony for the Monkees

Congratulations to YY, Shonny & Paul. It was fun to hang out with a bunch of happy go lucky monkees. Some how today’s session got me addicted to wanting more training session. Hey, I want to graduate ASAP as well!!! Maybe this is a new beginning to more open water session since my open water buddy Melvin is also aiming to get his DiveMaster in scuba diving soon.

P/S: Yeah, Walter is in TOWN (even for a super short trip)!

From Nath @ Petaling Jaya