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Bella Italia: Crazy Pasta

Yesterday dad was back home for a not so surprise visit. Kinna waited for him till 8:15pm and since he’s taken his dinner I decided to have dinner somewhere I had not dine for the past 4 years with Mr. Ex during his visit to KK for our belated Valentine’s Day celebration :)


Bella Italia

The demanding me always wanted to try out the offer of the month and it is


Crazy Pasta

For every Wednesday from 3pm to 10pm @ March, pasta will hit as low as RM8.88++ each. Actually I found the price menu for pasta up to RM28++ so it’s a pretty good deal. Better grab it next Wednesday before it’s too late :p


Mom’s Beef Lasagna RM18.00

Mom found it salty but I kinna love it. Not sure is it due to the beef balls I had @ La Fuenta but I just love her dish :D


My Fettuccine Carbonara rm26.00

It’s a very plain for a creamy dish but luckily there’s ham so I’m actually keep munching mom’s dish to balance with mine =X

Dad’s Banana Split RM8++

See! Dad can’t wait to enjoy his dessert that he’s scooping it when I’m trying to snap down this picture.

Please be kind to the old man @ Bella Italia. He got hearing problem so don’t be too hush on him ya? We kinna waited sometimes to settle our bills but overall it was a suitable place for friend’s and family to gather. Don’t mind to come back next week since Kenneth said dinner on him WUAHAHAHA

P/S: Met Evelyn and mom as well :)

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu