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Portraits of Moments: Colour

Going back to Singapore for business trip means I got to earn some kaching! Thanks to Brendan of BKL’s Light.Writing team for arranging my photo shoot session @ Singapore this round. You saved me from all the clowns that I previously having trouble to block away. This talented photographer is also a videographer, fashion stylist & creative director.


Teaser Shoot by Pom Figueroa

Pom, is a low profile photographer that shows passion in his work of art. The guys shared their knowledge in equipment as if they fall in love with the same lady! I noticed that Pom is quick in understanding & observes BKL’s tips well during the shoot. Somebody is going to get some competition in the market soon ahahaha


 Featured as Cover

Thanks Pom not only for the awesome time but to featured me as Portraits of Moments Photography‘s latest cover. I really had great time working with professional, serious & passionate photographer. I do hope we get to collaborate again in the future, next time I’ll drag you outdoor :p You might need at least few weeks time to catch up with my blonde hair again, maybe :)

Like what you see? Check out more of my photo shoot session or drop your inquiry HERE xoxo

P/S: The 10 minutes rain & humidity are driving me crazy ROAR

From Wabbit @ Singapore