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Bomber’s Burger: Punk Date the American’s Style

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After an awesome night screaming on top of your lung next to your new friend while watching some stupid horror movie, tonight we decided to chill at one of the latest F&B outlet in town while the rest of the world is celebrating Obama’s victory!


Bomber’s Burger

Bomber’s Burger is located at Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu just next to the corner Party Play Lifestyle Cafe. It opens Tuesday till Sunday from 6pm till 11pm. Make sure you don’t appear on Monday when the hardworking folks are having a break :p

I arrived just before 8 after having pre-dinner @ home. It was fully packed so I asked for table for 2. Got these pair of couple arrived before me wasn’t happy that I was served before them, it’s not my fault that they decided to look thru the menu before decided to dine in :p By the way, I had Enzy’s table after he’s done with his dinner LOL

Wabbit: Dinner is served

Mr. Goth, too shy to review his identity had Chili Dog RM10 and make it a combo with Fries + Chocolate shake with additional RM7. To him the hotdog was normal and the bread was a little disappointing. The only thing that is worth it and balance it up is the awesome sauce. I did noticed he was very happy to see Heinz ketchup, can’t run away from my eyes :p It seems like the fries are less oily, deeper fried without salt version compare to KFC’s oily soggy salted fries.

Chicken Burger + Root Beer Float

My Mega Dinner

It’s been a while since my last mega dinner. Kinna reminds me of Carl’s Junior back in Singapore. I had Chicken Breast Calle Ocho Burger RM16 recommended by my server, Onion Rings RM6 and Root Beer Floats RM5. I decided not to act lady by using fork & knife. I grab my burger and finish my burger like a boss when the staff are concerned that I might able to take the challenge. I love the grilled chicken but in a way the ham did downgraded the awesome taste of the chicken. I was a little disappointed to spot mayonnaise when the menu written cheese. WHERE IS MY CHEESE??? Mr Goth loves pickles but he thinks it doesn’t go well with mustard. I love the onion ring, it’s like a less crispy version from Burger King =X


Trying to dance Orang Sabah Style

As I mentioned that Mr. Goth was shy that I totally forgotten to snap down our punk style tonight :( Wabbit on the other hand was happy to support Kendrick‘s latest project. Let’s just hope this Sabah representative gets selected when she’s not a human =.=

Overall I love the food minus the mayo part, I think some friends saw how I wasted food that I can barely eat on some occasion. Gals may start off with hotdogs if you’re not ready to finish the burger or plan to share with your friends. The price was worth with the serving potion. Mr. Goth & I will be back to try other dishes with our own friends. Heard bad review on their services but I wanna give thumbs up to the server that serves me tonight. Sorry for the trouble from fixing my dish with additional onion rings in the house (a little too much for me) and even source out changes when we split out bills. Love your food recommendation, I will be back to touble you with your other recommendation :P

P/S: Crazy guy keep sharing his love about horror movie, I’m going nuts @_@

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu