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Asia Tour – Chelsea 4 : Malaysia 1

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What is this MU fan doing at a Chelsea match? It’s a night about unexpected fun with a new friendship…


Spotted this @ Don’s Facebook Wall

Don Chan of Manoah Consulting always have awesome kick-ass events. But this round it’s not about party like a rock star, it actually brings me back to the love I once had when I was a child. Okay, I’m a MU fan, but there’s no harm supporting one of dad’s favourite team since it’s a rare chance for me to check out these London players especially when I’m based somewhere rural like KK!


 On My Way

I had early dinner at Fat One Steamboat with Facebook friend Anthony for over 3 years. I was lucky to have a date that feeds me and also kind enough to drop me off to the stadium. Didn’t expect Shah Alam to be so near to Sunway that it took us less than half an hour to arrived with all the traffic heading there. Since it’s first time both of us heading to that direction, it was great to have a Chelsea fan vehicle in front of us, really helps a lot haha


Stadium Shah Alam

Walking alone to this stadium makes me miss the time I used to visit Stadium Likas very often with dad to support Sabah Rhinos back in primary school. I still remember the star players like Scott Ollerenshaw who is currently married to seze Michelle and national’s #1 goal keeper Khairul Azman Mohamed are my favourite during the 90’s. It was a moment of glory for the Sabah team… back then. 


Finally in the Quadrant C

As I was walking the wrong direction instead of right I head to the left thanks to the misleading map & round the whole stadium while contacting Adrian trying to look for him, there’s this crazy Nigro keep trying to talk to me. Hello, I’m talking on the phone. Can’t you see? I got so annoyed with his stupid attempted that I curse and swear a little before running towards my new friend. Scary la… Blind trying to lead the blind when he’s detouring the whole stadium himself!


View from my seat

I was seated at the grey zone. I kinna like my area because it’s not too wide and least crowded compare to red zone on my left. I actually witness 4 goals from my seat. 3 goals from Chelsea during the first half of the game and 1 goal Harimau Malaysia during the second half. 



Up Close Look of the Day

What’s more to add in my fun night? I’m wore my blue white sports jersey with my blue hair and got my face painted in Chelsea’s colour! Not to forget Mr.C’s Adidas cap, my favourite sports brand wohoo~


Pond, Adrian, Coffee

Didn’t get to meet Suresh as he only texted me after the game :( I had a great night with my new blogger friend Adrian and my 2 hot chicks from Thailand. It’s so funny that both of us like to attend party events yet we never get the chance to know each other till now on a non-party event LOL


Gals with Cap/Hat

We had fun teasing Adrian for his telco’s bad reception and I said Digi, always sometimes the better choice ahahaha Thanks Adrian for being a gentleman and got us drinks to hydrate ourselves during the break time. 


Chelsea supporting Chelsea

Aha met with Chelsea from The Apartment again. Thanks Adrian for helping me to snap this photo. Too bad he was shy so only I managed to get this exclusive picture wuahahaha He noticed she dressed up for tonight in Instagram before the match and lucky for us to bump into her during break time.


Score of the Night

Kindly ignore the time. View the clock might be more accurate ahahaha yeah that’s the score of the night with 3:0 for the first half and 4:1 for second half. It was the best moment to cheer with everyone when Malaysia got it’s first and only goal. Chelsea fan or not all was celebrating as if we’re hitting jackpot!


Chelsea Asia Tour

That is the end of Chelsea Asia Tour in Malaysia. I got myself a pair of tickets worth RM58 each, postcard, face paint and pin. I didn’t get the above, just borrowed from of the staff and he so funny scared that I’ll take it away from him -.-” Kinna makes me regret not going to the fan booth earlier before the game ROAR


Up Close

Thanks Manoah Consulting & Samsung Malaysia for the invites and thanks Sidney for getting/passing my tickets for me. I was lucky enough to share cab home with a couple heading to Empire, my 2nd cab got a call to pick more crowds when he’s about to drop me off at Bangsar 1am.

P/S: Just done with client’s 1st week financial updates @ Bangsar before leaving KL

From Wabbit @ Kuala Lumpur