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1Borneo: Hong Kong Recipe & Famous Amos

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A very old friend of mine (we know each other for about 10 years) is back in town and I finally get the chance to check out his GF after they’ve been dating for sometimes. I suspected he feed her a little too well as she looks more chubby in real person =X Crazy topic of the day about his desire to have a football team and me being a single mum with his reserved player if his future wife happens to have more than 11 kids LOL


This friend happens to won Wabbit’s first giveaway

We did shared some of out troubles as local and someone even needs document to return home, sadist right? The fun part about the gathering is that almost all of our name cards are done by him. My “neighbor” should consider to join in the group. CK joined us later of the gathering and I haven’t seen him for ages! Too bad he decided to be the camera man and shy away from the group photo.


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Henry was back since Thursday and I was glad he came to support me  @ Ms Queen of Clubs state finals. Too bad we didn’t get to take a photo together, my mum & I noticed his hair got longer ;) So many things to say yet so little time to catch up as the couple will be flying off tonight T_T I’ll see you @ Snake year if you happen to drop by KK, bring me some bottles from Labuan ya? ahahahaha



Famous Amos is having a promotion!!!

I was craving for some chocolate but didn’t find what I want. And jeng jeng jeng Famous Amos is having a promotion. Seriously I’m getting annoyed with the nonsense 1 Malaysia thing, KL just have to top up RM5 while KK needs to top up RM6 for the 100g cookies with every purchase of 200g cookies in bag & above. Another problem I’m facing is that they packed 200g & 100g bags for me, why can’t they just save the environment & pack into a 300g bag? It’s plastic le… ROAR

P/S: I munched my 100g cookies while Calista was hunting for heels & we left empty handed

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu