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First Harvest in Klang

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Singing has always been my passion. It started out from hobby to semi career. I had fun explore various singing culture @ Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore & now Selangor area.


Happy to got into Top 8

Last month I had the chance to win but missed by flat at the most important note, this time I’m back to kick some ass. Ahahaha I was so happy that I got into Top 8 that I decided to camwhore (not my profession).



Thanks Hair Talk Studio Saloon, USJ14 for getting my hair done for the night. I was pretty confident with my wild hair & new song for the final. Till I found out that we’re gonna be the first group to sing followed by Veteran & Children. Gosh, singing before meal is a huge NO NO for me. Some more it’s very cold in the hall of SJK (C) Pandamaran A.


You Reap what you Sow

This is my 3rd singing competition in Selangor. I failed to get into the finals for my 1st match. I got Top 2 for last month’s competition and now I won my very 1st best performance award in Peninsular Malaysia. All the hard work pays off. What I’ve been doing while I have been away from public is work hard & work harder to sharpen my vocal skills. Done some research as different places have different preference on the genres of music to singing technics. I am happy to stay who I am with some twist on my song selection.


Up Close

This time I may have only won my very 1st best performance award. But it won’t end here, I’ll be back stronger to kick some asses! 

P/S: Craving for Japanese meal :(

From Wabbit @ Klang