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Freediving: Achievement & Disappointment

You may check out my previous exposure to freediving HERE. I am lucky to received proper guidance & tips from Walter Johnson, a retired US Navy & passionate in sharing freediving experience with hardworking newbies :D


DNF PB, 22nd Aug

Managed to push my way to 2 Minutes 41 Seconds PB on my 3rd attempt during my training session with both Walter & OD. I’m 4 seconds away from boss EJ’s record ho ho ho Above is my second attempt on DNF up to 22M PB with 2.4kg weight on my neck & 1 kg weight on my waist.


And I’m Feeling Good~

Feeling great yesterday morning before my first attempt in Liga F, Just One Breath #project57 15 league mini competitions of Static Apnea (STA), Dynamic with Fins (DYN) & Dynamic without fins (DNF). Thank you UBER for making sure I started my day hydrated with complimentary water on my way to work since I have been avoiding meals before every freediving session. My trick to stay hydrated & warm is having soup before I jump into the water ^_^


20M DNF @ Liga F, 24th Aug

Maybe I was too nervous or I suck in install too many information before my turn to dive in as you can see I’m so messed up & confused that my strokes & kicks was funny as hell. Had my very first red card due to airways & sign of LMC because of  my confusion in searching for the floating device LOL Wasn’t my best performance but I do hope that this experience will push me to be better & ready for the next session.


Freediving League (Liga F) @ PJ Palms, 24th Aug

Finally, it’s great to be in the in front of the lens rather than behind it :p Friendship & experiences was gain during this league. There is so much more to learn about freediving specially about safety as this is an extreme sports that may cost serious injury or even death if recovery are not done in a proper way.


Hometown Celebrity @ PJ Palms!

Why do I love my job? Meeting the friendly Daphne iKing at work brightens up my Sunday afternoon after my fail attempt in my first freediving competition. It’s been 2 months since KK Jazz Fest & it’s great to see another hometown gal is into water sport, scuba diving for her case.

P/S: Somehow body felt weaker @ gym earlier this morning x.x

From Nath @ Petaling Jaya