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Freediving: The Wall-Turn

You may check out my freediving collections HERE. Here’s a quick report for the second last league of the year!


Freediving League (Liga F) @ PJ Palms, 29th Nov

If you noticed above this is the first group photo without me inside as I was busy with clients in the office. Meh… Thanks mentor Walter for the tips on wall-turn as I had to not matter what must make time squeezed  2 hour sessions with him during his very short trip in town. This week I hardly had time for yoga or pool training as it’s end of the month means deadline for closing end of the month account *scream in concern* I was a little concern that I might not about to even reach my last PB (personal best) 50M with my failed warm up session (touched down 1/3 of 50M, fail to reach 2/3 of 50M) but thank God I managed to survived with a little push & break a new 55M records! Today we see a lot of new record breaking with no Red card, just 2 Yellow cards & penalties are given out.



SSI Total Divelog

Thanks Mas & Zalwana for the advance Christmas to both Patrick & I as an encouragement for both of us. Hopefully when I’m not that busy with work I can have more open water session or at least spend more time in the pool. Somehow I feel this passion of mine have turned from interest to a commitment since I’m #foreveralone

P/S: I just wanna get over my accounts GGRR

From Nath @ Petaling Jaya