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Carlsberg Diamond Idol 2012: Press Release

Thanks BorneoColours.com again for giving me the opportunity to check out the judges and get to know them personally at FireFly. Calista and I was very on time and arrived at 5:30pm sharp! As more bloggers are joining us, I start to chill my gold in no time ;)


FireFly Bar & Grill

While the rest are running around for a snap, I spotted my very good friend hiding on top waiting to be served :D


Come to mama

I feel like I leave office too soon when I can rush a few more assignments T_T Sherrie said that she would be late but turns out that she’s still early before it started and I was just starting to enjoy my favorite bottle after done with my welcome draught of the evening. I wish Carlsberg can love me with more bottle as it was all given out and I can only enjoy my 2nd choice which is draught. Not to complain but just my preference :p Check out the pretty bloggers attending this awesome press release with me tonight as follow


Sherrie, Margaret, Chloe, Wabbit, Calista, Wendy

With the launching of the most anticipated singing competition in both Sabah and Sarawak, the judges for Area Final and Grand Final were introduced. I am excited and nervous at the same time as these are the local talent that I’ve been noticing all these years. So glad to have veteran to support the search for young talents with singing skills.


I can see that this will be an Awesome contest

You know what is the best part to be in an event besides food and free flow booze? Able to meet up with familiar faces. Yupp, Met up with my senior John and his lovely fiance Agnes who is also the 2nd runner-up for previous Carlsberg Diamond Idol. Agnes gave an incredible performance that Chloe and I decided to sing along as if we’re in a concert!


Senior John and CDI 2nd Runner-Up Agnescia Jame

I won’t be around KK during the audition and area final as I will be away for my pre-birthday trip to Sydney with my parents. But, I will consider heading to Sandakan or Tawau to try my luck. If you think I should join the competition do drop your supportive comment and songs suggestion HERE. More information about this awesome talent search are listed HERE as well or you can log on to Carlsberg Diamond Idol 2012 Facebook page for more latest updates.

P/S: This morning there’s electric short @ Menggatal

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu