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Shy Guys

Today I had a date with 3 shy guys. I know all of them 3 but none of them know each other. It was a fun experience as 3 not so local peeps lead a tourism to see the different side of KK :D The guys are hungry in the morning so we head to Restoran Getaran Jiwa & Katering @ Alamesra for breakfast.


Spoon served on Coconut o.O

Soto Ayam VS Soto Daging

Wonder who are the ahem “SHY” guys of the day? Took their photo during our trip to somewhere @ KK #1


Kenneth, Rubin, and Ari

After our love session with the graffiti, the guys are feeling hungry and we’re melting under the hot sun so we decided to take a break before proceed to round 2.


Light lunch @ Foo Yuen Gaya Street

Ari and I had their famous roti kahwin and he loves the tender soft bread. We, the local still think it’s better to have toast bread at Damai. Kenneth had halal dim sum and Rubin managed to convince Kenneth to try their special chicken wing. Knowing that Ari had some ice lemon tea for breakfast, I got him to MUST TRY their ice lemon tea and he actually had 2! LOL


Somewhere @ KK #2

Almost die by the heat at 1 side of the building but enjoy the wind at another side of the building. Mom was pretty concern about it and assume there’s a twister hitting town soon =.=


Chill after the tiring session

As a tour guide of the day, our original plan is to have seafood for dinner but both Kenneth and Rubin had to leave early for another appoint and Ari will be flying off very early tomorrow morning so we just had a simple meal for tonight at



Ari’s Special Chicken rice

My Claypot Chicken rice

I wanna thank Rubin for being the drive of the day, Ari for being the food provider of the day, Kevin for being the escort of the day, and also both Ari and Rubin as the photographer of the day. Very excited with today’s photo shoot session today. Will update a teaser very soon ;)

P/S: It’s been 2 weeks since Wabbit last keep in contact with Totoro

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu