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Miss Queen of Clubs: Wrap Party

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15th marked as the end of Ms Malaysia Queen of Clubs in Sabah but not for the girls as we decided that our little family needs to hang out after the hectic competition. Below is the night we will want to remember…


Dinner Gathering @ Fullhouse, Suria Sabah

Thanks Uncle Freddy for being nice to us ladies and treat us dinner when we’ve been such naughty gals during his stay in KK =X We even got the whole balcony to ourselves for our privacy like a BOSS :D


 Carrot Soup, Pasta Carbonara, Ice Lemon Tea

It wasn’t a very pleasing dinner for me. I suspect the carrot soup is from can, my Carbonara is not cheesy at all, the ham is cold, Emylia’s mashed potato doesn’t goes well with the gravy but at least her chicken chop was decent and cousin Junette’s salad with smoked salmon looks very raw to me x.x Luckily the whole event managed to distract me with more interesting activities.


Surprise cake for our birthday gals

Since it was Amanda & mama to be Amy’s birthday, we decided to throw them a little surprise by preparing them a birthday cake. I bet the gals thought it was only a simple gathering but we never forgotten your birthday ya :) If you think the night is over with just a simple dinner gathering, you are so wrong. Let me bring you into mad hatter’s world. Do join us as to scan your Phewtick code if you’re using the app :p



Party Rockers in the house tonight!

During the pageant I didn’t get to know much about Freddy, our organizer from Ripples Consultancy and Radzie, our shy photographer. Turns out these guys can really sing & Radzie got the moves like jaguar! It was a havok! Feels like I’m back in Singapore visiting night clubs with my air forces buddies. De Boss is DOPE! Thanks Josephine for giving us the taste to be filthy rich with VIP treatment! I got to work but we still stayed up singing and dancing till 3, I think I got home around 3:30am with 4 hours of nap before I need to wake up for work @_@ We hope that this friendship will never end & let’s support next year’s contestants :D


Date of the night: Gorka from CS

Some of you may wonder how come I didn’t appear in the photo. I was too lazy to dress up and my Couch Surfing friend was in town for a visit. This guys is originally from Spain and currently settle down @ French. His friend crashed so he couldn’t join us as they just came back from Mt. Kinabalu and heading to Miri, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and maybe Penang for their 2 weeks of South East Asia trip :) Do come back again as this KaKa city is no shit city LOL

P/S: No hangover just because I had JW shots

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu