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Freediving: Prototype Monofins

I am fortunate to received proper guidance & tips from my favourite mentor Walter Johnson, a retired US Navy & passionate in sharing freediving experience with Malaysian freedivers whenever he’s in town.

I Love DOL-Fin Pilot 2!

Walter got this massive huge ass Smith Aerospace Orca & a new monofin for us to play. Last week Radziah & I had to fight for it. Walter had to make us behave & learn how to share toys together like good gals. Being so used to bi-fins I was surprised that I got comfortable with this monofin, it glide pretty smoothly. Looking forward till the day I can do proper outside turn soon with this.


DNF PB, 28th Oct

Managed to push my way to 40M PB during yesterday’s training session with Walter. I bet Boss EJ, Azua & Radziah would be very proud of me. Last week I’ve only managed to maintain about 22-28M a week ago. If I continue to to work my arse I think I might ready for Pan Pacific Championship 2015 @ Brisbane end of next month.

P/S: Static’s progress is still way behind compared to both Dynamic :/

From Nath @ Petaling Jaya