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Ulala Day 15

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On the 15th day in the year of Snake I had a very simple but grateful Chap Goh Meh with my family. No, I still haven’t try to pick any orange peel to get single guys’ phone number because I don’t think anyone are doing it around here. I think we usually play the lantern only during mid-autumn festival so nah, there’s no lantern session as well :/


One of the Guest Singer for Major Celebration

Yupp, as usual mum’s uncle spotted me in the news again. Last night was fun to dine and perform with my awesome friends. I bet everyone is excited with our new project in gather talents around Sabah and take entertainment show to the next level. Stay tune in a few months time ;)


Simple but Warm Dinner with Le Family

Dad’s mum just arrived today so it’s nice that I gather together with both grandma & mum for dinner. I really can’t wait for dad to be home. Sucks to know that he has to travel to KL for work. It always makes me want to work hard so that both parents can retire and start their own business while spending more time with both grandma.


How Can You Not Love Red Packets?

Okay, this year I may not receive as much red packets compare to last year but the total cash I receive from my singing competition, performance and some blessing from married adults is so far the best record for me. I think my age is starting to lead me to be more shy than ever in asking for financial blessing because I need to prepare for questions like when am I getting married. I’m not even attached how to get married? Duh!

P/S: I’m having Love Letter while watching TV since I never physically receive a love letter from any guy :x

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu