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My First Week of Chinese New Year 2014

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For the first time I hardly got anything for Chinese New Year shopping & for the first time I actually enjoyed shopping during Chinese New Year for performing outfits together with my mum. I just love discounts :p Nothing much happens since most of my relatives are not around so most of the time is slack at home, shopping & dinning. Yeah mum, how come we never hit the cinema?


Kungfu Bak Kut Teh

This Kepong Pork Bone Tea is located at City Mall. I won a RM50 lucky draw from my previous performance. It was fun in the shop as they will give you a pork education with a pig chart on the wall. I once saw a similar concept using cow at basement of The Central, Singapore. Alisan tea was awesome, I might consider switching from my current favoriteĀ SriLanka tea to this Taiwan tea. The Chinese crisp cruller/ fried breadstick worth RM3! Even mum had to fight with me when she said it’s too much, haha~ I still prefer clay pot serving as our soups are not hot enough for us. Heard there’s a special dish that needs pre-book or 30 mins waiting time served on claypot! I’ll be looking forward on my next visit. Check out their Facebook page for all the dishes & price.


The Glass – Grill & Bar

The next night I actually walked in like a boss hahaha… Nice cozy environment for couples & tourist during the day as we can’t view much on the city at night. A bit confused with the menu with too many selections. The weird part is having Lassi served in frappacino o.O Food was slightly below expectation for the price but stillĀ edible. Just wish that the servers can improve themselves in English instead of asking the manager whenever they don’t get what you’re saying. Check out their Facebook page for their seasonal promotions.


GK Grill’z Kitchen

Originally located at Kepayan Point now they had their 2nd branch at City Mall. Tonight I’m a little annoyed that most of the signature dish in the menu is sold out :( Not to forget the waiting time was more than an hour when Kepayan was never above half an hour. I think they served the best mushroom soup in KK so far… I was glad that I ordered the grilled mushroom before our main course. From the first bite it wasn’t that fantastic but the more you munch the better it gets. GK serves the best pork ribs at the reasonable price in town, even better than the ones I had in KL but I will never forget my favorite in the heart of Sydney. Check out their Facebook page for more information.


Happy Birthday?

I guess a lot people got confused today when I start wishing them Happy Birthday. According to the lunar calender, the 7th day of Chinese New Year is mark as the Human day, when humans are created. I love the fattening chocolate but not the cake. So make a wish & enjoy getting fat :p Mum was feeling lucky as she received RM88.80 change tonight :D

P/S: It’s gonna be a busy weekends for me, huat ar!!!

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