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Mines Wellness Hotel: Kick-Off to Ibiza Finale Challenge Party

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Rushing over to Mines from previous event of the day. After a tiring day I just wanna slack and chill by the beach…


Heineken Ibiza Final – Celebrate Like Champions

It was great to catch up with Sue Ann and Dusty Hawk. Got to know a new friend Ronny due to our love for music & also his t-shirt listed Rainforest World Music Festival. Out of 27 participants, there will be 6 lucky winners to war their way for a free trip to Ibiza. Only 2 are ladies so I was cheering my heart out hoping girls will win!!!


First to Treasure Hunt is a Lady!!!

Too bad lady luck wasn’t on our side. 6 guys got their way in the final Q&A sessions. After a few football & Heineken quizzes the winners are announces. How I envy them can go to Ibiza, will Heineken organize such event for blogger one day? hehehe… I’ll definitely fight my way like 300


Congratulations to the WINNERS

It’s fun to meet up with local celebrities @ events or parties. Will you guys get bored seeing Jinny & friends? :p Lucky me that DustyHawk got me to have a snap with them, wee~


Guany Guan, Reuben Kang & Jinny Boy

It was a great evening on a sandy beaches, cool drinks & a bit of rain… Sound familiar? Re-quote the line from BenjaminVai who is kind enough to drop me back home after the party when he heard my damage to Mines from Sunway cost RM38 (including tolls)


Lovely Couple I know from KL

It was a great evening till the rain decided to sprinkle on us. While some friends head to the next party, we decided it’s the end of the night after a tiring day…


Mangoloke‘s Picture of the Day

Little gifts I got from the events. Thanks Manoah Consulting & Heineken for the invite. It’s been a while since my last chill by the beach. I seriously need this lay back events as my head has been spinning like mad rushing here & there. Hope to see you soon my dear friend Mr Heineken :)


New Watch for me

P/S: A&W for supper, wee~

From Wabbit @ Kuala Lumpur