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Borneo Treasure Restaurant: New Year Breakfast

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I missed out the count down this year in the car after it took me forever to say good bye to 2012 and my friends @ Kalamatas after dragging Teacher Justin to had his birthday there. Dad called me trying to contact mum & I called her much later (got nagged T_T) Off to bed around 4am after back from my New Year car ride with Riebmann & friends, surprisingly I woke up before 7am feeling fresh. Mum picked picked up Aunt Yen, drop off grandma’s maid and we went to airport to pick Aunt Yin from Tawau to give grandma a surprise this New Year :D


Borneo Treasure Restaurant

This place was highly recommended by Aunt Yen and it’s more convenient for grandma to walk from where we parked so we decided to give it a try. Grandma had Fish Ho Fun (flat noodle) Soup for RM8 & I decided not to share my aunt’s photo due to her shaky hands (just like mum) =X


Butter Fried Mee Hon (pork) RM7

Aunt Yen took charge with the orders and she got us this special out of the menu dish. It’s a great dish if it wasn’t that salty. I’m not sure if it’s because of the butter but I’m feeling more like having salted egg in my noodles. I like it less oily compare to most coffee shop in town.


Fresh Fish Porridge RM8

This lovely bowl is served with my favourite you tiao/yao za guai (fried bread stick/crisp Chinese crullers) though i hope i can have more of them. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to get another bowl.


Grandma, Aunt Yin, mum, Aunt Yen & I

Overall breakfast was fun chit chat with aunt not as a kid but more as an adult. I think I’m becoming more buddy with Aunt Yen ahahaha I’m not a huge fan for dining out when I’m back home maybe due to the pricey meals. Hopefully I can still get to have my favourite $2 chicken rice when I return to Singapore this weekend:D Off to nap, ciao~

P/S: Never try never know, once tried I know it’s not my thing :)

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu