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WMSM2013: Blogger Appreciation Dinner

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Wee~ Got my phone replaced but I was stuck @ Shah Alam Industrial area since 6pm so I was a little late and being the 2nd last blogger to arrive before dinner started at Katch-i. I receive a warm well from Fadilah the Business Development Manager. The purpose of the dinner tonight is that World Marketing Summit Malaysia wanted to thank the bloggers for our generous support in sharing the words and good deeds for the children’s better future.


Simple but Complex Dinner

Yes, we are being served by 2 simple main courses of mixed vegetable and yummy BBQ lamb with my favourite peppermint sauce accompany by rice, buns, nuts and fruits. The lamb was prepare at it’s perfection medium done minus 1 slice I had was medium. I was joking after watching too much Kitchen Nightmare and start talking to myself, it is RAW! But it didn’t stop me from getting more lambs into my plate for the whole night specially when they have thick and awesome peppermint sauce :)



Fruits & Side Dishes

On the left we have fruit punch, watermelon & grape juice (white/red) ahahaha On the right we got rice, buns, nuts & salad. Had a great time catching up with some bloggers while queing for dinner. Looking back at the photo makes me hungry ROAR


Finally We Met

Got to know blogger Cheryl Chan during the invitation for tonight’s dinner. She was involve in Project “Hope” while I participated in Project “Re-thinking Actions”. Cheryl is a friendly gal and I’m glad to have a new friend from this campaign. Not to forget semi blue hair Yumi, ahaha had fun catching up with each other after knowing her from previous Kiss Me event ^_^


Host of the Night

I forgotten his name but this guys is fun & easy going. Haha, the grape juice idea is from him when he go around and offer us to try some wine @ dinner time. And since we have some Muslims friends in the house, a little light joke actually brightens up the atmosphere with some laughter.


Dr Marceline Lemarie & her blog

I guess to have someone that believes in bloggers is blogger themselves. Dr Marceline is an inspiration. She shared with us her blogs and vision for the children. She asked why are the bloggers so shy, I told her the night is young and everyone is still too sober. Was glad to switch some modern hits and join us to chill. We had a great time introducing ourselves better to her like how Sabahan Munkey grab coconut to be posted in his entry. I see a good leader that has good relationship with her team. I believe Dr. Marceline is a lady that adores the younger generation just like me *wink*


Don of Manoah Consulting

Not to forget the amazing Don and Yuki of Monoah Consulting for giving me the opportunity to attend such an overwhelming campaign, meeting inspiring artist & organising team, catch up with local bloggers and got me excited about WMSM2013 end of September. I really hope that I will be picked to attend sharing by speakers around the world regarding various agenda. I would like to end this post with a tribute to the late Whitney Houston.


Greatest Love Of All

P/S: Doze at 11pm, woke up since 3am till now #.#

From Wabbit @ Kuala Lumpur