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Press Conference: KK Jazz Fest

*Click square photo for direct link to Instagram/Facebook After late lunch with Ko-An, we rushed to Sutera Harbour Marina for a Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival press conference. There’s a brief introduction from all performing artist and before the end of the conference we had a preview by Mezzotono from Italy. Check the short clip HERE


Hey Mumbo, Mumbo Italiano

I’m looking forward to this year’s performances after viewing the performing list. My favourite KK Jaz Fest is still the first year @ Jesselton Point even with the tight budget. I skipped a few years during my time in Singapore & I was a little disappointed with the performances selection the previous 2 years. I have high hope in this year’s show, hopefully it won’t let me down *fingers crossed*


8th KK Jazz Fest Family Portrait

How can you start a music festival without a group photo? Ahahaha I bet the organizing team has been working hard for these weekends. Let the show begin, but first…


Daphne iKing is BACK!

Daphne iKing is a journalist, TV host, emcee, actress, columnist, loving wife & mother. This 2003 Unduk Ngadau (Sabahan) winner is back in town to host this year’s KK Jazz Fest. According to her Instagram Iman puked on her but I guess her sunshine smile & sea breeze @ Sutera Harbour makes us all just want to jump on her for some photo without noticing any flaws on her.


8th Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival

I was a little tired after being out whole day but it won’t stop me from enjoying the night. Thank you KK Jazz Festival for the lovely treat after filling my feedback. Who doesn’t love a cold ice cream while enjoying some awesome jazz performances? ^_^ Last but not least photo bomb my fellow Carlsberg Diamond Idol judges LOL


Carlsberg Diamond Idol Judges

Kian Kok School Big Band & Fingerstyle are fresh but there’s a lot of potential in all these youngsters. I was very impressed with SIA Goofy especially their male singer, smoking hot vocal I could say. Rozelle Marie has a sensational power vocal that I wish I had, The Season 4 will prove to you that they had more salt than you had rice, Jerome Rico & Mara Viola are the power duo from Phillipines. Seriously I donno what Phillipines have been eating but all the Phillipino entertainers I’ve known are so good in what they are doing, maybe they are born to do it, maybe it’s Maybelline? Sumandak Joan Jim Quintet made a grand opening behind her strings, Yuta Tanaka makes me jelly with Wonderful Tonight & last but not least Harry Toledo Cover that puts us on our feet that we refused to leave. You want more? Come back tonight 7pm til midnight for the finale…

P/S: Maggie goreng for supper with the Uncles :p

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu