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Eastin: Launch of Mobile App HotelQuickly

*Photo courtesy of HotelQuickly, you can check out my instagram updates HERE

Last Friday I got a text from my aunt asking me if there’s any cheap decent hotel they can stay in Singapore for below RM120. I told her it’s impossible based on my previous experience booking a room for parents during my graduation ceremony & ex-boss’s personal stay. It’s frustrating when you have to sit in front of the computer for hours just to search for many hotels listed in a country/area when your trip is confirmed less than 2 weeks time.


Introducing Hotel Quickly 

I downloaded this app 5 days ago before the press release & boy I was impressed! You get to select out of the Top 10 best deals in town based on your budget, using 20 currency around the globe & even pick up to 5 languages! With a network of over 4000 hotels in 14 countries I would love to see rates which are up to 28% cheaper compared to the best price you can get online in last minute. When I said CHEAPER it’s inclusive of tax! I bet you get what I mean ya ;)


 Sarah Lian & Lee Yvonne are curious with my Deals

Even Actress Sarah Lian and Miss World Malaysia 2012 Lee Yvonne run after me when they found out I got better deals from my phone. Sharing is caring, so I decided to help Sarah to get a complimentary RM70 credit while Co-Founder & CEO Tomas Laboutka helped Yvonne to get a complimentary RM50. Everybody is happy & we are already talking about going to Hong Kong very soon :D


Is it Instant?

Not sure how to use HotelQuickly? If you’re familiar with Uber for private transportation, HotelQuickly offers the similar concept. Connecting to the best deal near you without doing hours of reseach in front of the computer before your trip. So if you’re feeling like having a quick getaway this weekend of just happened to forget to book a romantic place for that special birthday/anniversary within 48 hours? This is your chance to be adventurous with random hotels based on your budget up to 4 nights! ;) 



 My Printed Name with Other Bloggers

It was a great time catching up with my bloggers friends & thanks HotelQuickly for printing out our names, it makes us feel special but I think the gals & I would prefer a free night stay from one of the featured hotels LOL Someone tempted to steal the pillow but due to hygiene reason I had to give it a missed :p Yeah, it’s been a while I can relax from the concrete jungle ever since I start working. I think this app will be very handy for me when I randomly visit a friend out of town or having friends coming to visit me like anytime from now on.


Can’t Wait for my Next Trip

Okay, I’m interested to check out this application. What next? You may click this LINK if you’re reading this post on your mobile or download HotelQuickly entering promo code NBLUE2 to get a complimentary RM70 credit on your first stay. Good news to my readers, if you’re planning to stay more than a night then you might consider entering promo code HQNATALIE under the ‘Credits’ tab or click this LINK to get 10% off on you first stay :D Now, pick up your phone & pick your impromptu travel deal~ Still remember about my aunt? I found out that the hotel I recommended to her is listed as RM155 in Hotelquickly yesterday afternoon just right after the event. She find my recommendations very useful especially when she’s going to stay for 3-4 nights on her next visit.

P/S: Off to open water session with Azua & other SSI Level 1 students in a short while

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