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Review: Shizens Lip Tattoo

Before I start I would like to wish you all a happy 2015!!! Waliao, new year le… You got nothing better to do? With me away from family & busy with work, yeah I got a bit of time to update my blog other than freediving :p



Shizens Lip Tatoo RM168

You must be thinking wait a minute, this tube of lip gloss look a like cost me over RM150? Yupp, but what you’re about to see if beyond your believe. This Shizens best selling product has similar function as Lip Painter. From my understanding, Shizens offers beauty products with natural ingredients that gives premium skin care benefits to users.



 My sad Lips :(

I think I was born in the wrong era & country. I would be consider pretty if I was born as a Geisha in Japan during the 18th Century. But according to Lip Tattoo it has the ability to brings out the healthy rosy tone on the lips. As it’s not a lipstick you don’t have to worry about your lips colour fade after a meal or drink. Let’s try it out.



Instant Gloss

5 seconds after applying Lip Tattoo on my lips later my lips start to turn pinkie. But half an hour later my lips become very full as the photo below & turns reddish. It was a shock for me to find red stain on the tissue when I wipe it off as it was white when I applied on my lips.



Sexier Lips?

 What I like about this product:
> Instant Gloss
> No need to re-apply, last after a meal
> Quick Make-up, applicable on cheeks & eye lids
> Suitable for Stage Appearance (fuller redder lips)

What I don’t like about this product:
> Too red for casual dates unless I’m blonde
> Uncomfortable sensation when lips are starting to swell

So, do you prefer my Geisha’s tiny lip or Angelina’s full lips? I hear that Lip Tattoo also change colour according to individual’s pH & body temperature. Do check out Shizens‘ website for more info.

P/S: Wabbit is still coughing when competition is almost near :(

From Wabbit @ Petaling Jaya