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Kalamatas: Grimbergen East Malaysia Launching Event

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Don’t you love to receive love letters? I think Carlsberg Malaysia & Think Workshop love me so much that I received another invitation to attend a taste of rebirth for…


Grimbergen Launch @ Kalamatas Restro’ Ba 

The event suppose to starts at 6pm sharp but as usually people are never on time ROAR It’s okay, Wabbit decided to start off without the late comers.


Enjoying Beer in the DARK hehehe

I love the gold + black theme, it seems like a classy event and I don’t think I’m on the right attire for tonight =X Dear organizer, next time let me know the theme so I can dress up as usual ya? LOL But it’s still working day so I can’t wear too sexy as well =.=



Welcoming Grimbergen to Sabah

Ricardo the Marketing Manager from Luen Heng F&B gave a sweet introduction on Belgium’s oldest beer since 1128 to all the beer lovers. He got me excited to give Belgium beer another try as I’m not a fan to Hoegaarden =X Grimbergen is officially launched in style and we finally get to try all 3 different flavours :D



Wabbit was so high that she sees colours

Personally I get to try Blanche with dinner. I think it managed to go well with pasta & chicken meat. It taste weird with calamari. Hoegaarden drinker like mama wabbit would loves the complicated texture in Blanche but I prefer the clean Blonde for pure drinking, I don’t think it goes well with the chicken wings *best dish of the night* Too bad I didn’t get to try Ambree and my friends told me it’s better than Guinness, there’s always next time as I get to drink Grimbergen anytime I want :D


Lovely merchandise + pheonix sticker tattoo

It’s my 3rd time in Kalamatas and I’m already becoming their resident with a bunch of cool bosses & regulars. Some people thinks that Kalamatas is not a suitable place for events due to the limited spaces but I personally feel that it pushes everyone to become less anti-social as there’s always human talking to you if they ever spot you alone. Even mama wabbit got to try out Savanna Dry Cider from next table *envy* I was being held as hostage till I agreed to come for their next event & I was given an outfit to dress up on that day :D

P/S: Tomorrow is the last day for our first giveaway

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu