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Kiss Me Mobile Make-Up Station is Back!

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I was one of the 30 selected female to join the launching event for Kiss Me Mobile Make-up Station & product release.



Introduction Speeches by Kiss Me & Watson Representative

This KK City gal may not get the chance for all this beauty privilege so it’s a good opportunity for me to learn to love my facial presentation a little more. Due to the fantastic respond by Kiss Me princesses (fans), Kiss Me Mobile Make-Up is back again & this year it’s gonna be better.


Kiss Me Mobile Make-Up Station is Officially Launched

Ladies, do you know that this time Kiss Me Mobile Make-Up Station is not only available @ KL area but extended to Penang & Ipoh as well for the next 5 months? It’s time to get pretty gals ;) 



 Opening Dance

We’ve been entertain well by a group of sexy ladies. It’s a good way to attract attention around the crowded Sungai Wang main entrance. But I still can’t get used to the idea for having Japanese product being presented by Korean hits, maybe it’s the trend as this is not the first time I encounter it.


 Wash Eyes Session

What do guys like? Gorgeous Princess. What do girls like? Sexy Hunks. There is not 1 but 2 *wink* Call me pervert or whatever you want, I think it’s a freaking good marketing tools ^.^


 Live Make-Up Demo

Sayaka Kondo, make-up artist from Japan is giving some tip on current trend (natural look) and ways to apply the latest mascara on your eye lashes according to the type of hair you’re having. The brown mascara gives your lashes a natural curl & thickness/volume. Goes well with pink, brown & pastel colour eye shadow, This water proof product can handle sweat, rain & even dramatic tears! You can easily remove it with warm water :D


Inside/Outside Kiss Me Mobile Make-Up Station

Kiss Me products can be easily found @ any Watson stores. What if you’re a beauty noob like me? Not to worry, this is all Kiss Me Mobile Make-Up Station about. Professionals will help you to get the suitable make up accordingly & you might able to get yourself a make over. Check HERE for the location near you :)



Up Close & Personal

Don’t you think the make-up artist look like Della (Ding Dang)? Julie Tan is a very friendly model. Check out the princess & hunks in the mobile station ;) Glad that I’m enjoying myself seeing familiar faces & getting to know more friends.


Thanks Manoah Consulting & Kiss Me

I’m may not get to meet Leng Yein as always today but at least I get to understand a little more about the cosmetic product my idol has been using for the past 2 years. Thanks Don for the invites that we gals get to gather together :)


Happy Gal

It’s rare to see me in pink but its never alien to see the child in me. I had great time fooling around. Guess what? Kiss Me gave me 2 mascara worth RM49.90 each, wee~ Volume & Curl will be great for my upper lashes while Long & Curl will be great for my bottom lashes. Next time don’t forget to check out my natural lovely eyes with the help of these mascara ;)

P/S: Will I start looking dolly once I start attending beauty sessions/events?

From Wabbit @ Kuala Lumpur