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Miri: Friendliest Town

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I don’t really remember my last transit at Kuching from Singapore but I do remember my first an only trip to Kuching back in 2006 for Project Superstar 2 audition. Wow… It’s been like 8 years??? Time flies… I want to share to you a journey of me exploring Sarawak a week with the help of Air Asia & STB, Sarawak Tourism Board. Let me start off with my 1st destination: Miri…


Last Flight from LCCT

Thank you Air Asia for giving me the chance to say goodbye to LCCT on their second last day of operation before shifting to KLIA2. The only problem I had was no ATM so I was pretty cashless when I fly off from KL T_T Thank you Air Asia for the brunch meal on board & kind crew that is willing to switch my Nasi Lemak to Chicken Rice ^_^


 Visit Malaysia2014

Hello Miri! This is my first trip here & I’m glad that Air Asia is providing a direct flight both from Kuala Lumpur & Kota Kinabalu. Thank you Sarawak Tourism Board for preparing shuttle bus from the airport to hotel for medias & performing artists. Instagramer spotted on the same ride hehehe



Walk in the Woods

Ana arrived ahead of us & I am so glad to see you gal! Thanks to you & Diana for inviting me to be part of AABC, Air Asia Bloggers Community or else I won’t get the taste to enjoy travelling & be roomies with you. Ana still managed to get me to post for OOFD, Outfit of the day. Check out the picture on the left, the forest near to the hotel was burnt due to the dry season. I was glad that everything is under controlled :)


Pre-Performance from Cuba

Woke up before 6am but sunrise is not located from our window but you can still catch them on Instagram. We start off our day with an inspiring speech by Dato’ Rashid Khand, CEO of STB about encouraging biodegradable usage & giving back to society. Vocal Sampling, one of the performing artists from Cuba was kind enough to give us a preview with their awesome a Capella showman.



Tree Planting Ceremony

I heard that Curtin University Sarawak participated in previous tree planting ceremony.This year Tenby International School was kind enough to give some of their students opportunity to play with ground of the right reason :) Enough with the talk, let’s plant some trees!



 Dig for the Future

Ana & Joel dig under the hot sun just to plant some trees. They did hope to return with their kids to check out their trees LOL Me? I kinna miss the times when I garden back in primary school behind my classroom where biawak (lizards) & squirrels are our common friends. My love note was “Let’s get our hands dirty for the better future.” Giving back to the community. Love, Singing Coconut 


Little Kid in Me :D

We had sunset cocktail party. Poor Djuani noticed there’s no sunset that evening. Hilmie & Amierah from Gaya Travel joined us and new friendship was formed at Sky Garden. Nothing is better than being on top of the tallest building in Miri.



Sky Garden, Meritz Hotel

Feeling purple I decided to match up my look with my latest Mary Quant collection. I used MQ Action Lashings 06 Bohemian Purple, MQ Eye Opener R-02 Rose Pink & MQ Lipstick V-03 Faithfulness for the natural look.



The Grand Old Lady, Meritz Hotel

Dinner was awesome & they even prepare a special serving for our vegan Ana ^_^ We had a great welcoming session with the performing artists. Best of all we are actually invited to join to be part of the local dance, media & artists actually enjoy the bond session building a train all over the dinning room. It was a great second night for me in Miri.


Group Selfie: Groupie/wefie?

We had media sunset cocktail reception hosted by Miri Marriott Resort & Spa. Hospitality, food & seaside view was fantastic! I found out when you check in via Foursquare, you can get a special discount on Sarawak’s first Mandara Spa, it is a luxurious Balinese Spa. Too bad I didn’t have enough cash with me to try out this signature spa :(


Savouring every Moment

Ana, Ito, Joel & I decided to say around to watch the sunset. I have a confession to make, I’m a huge fan for sea side. Sunrise & sunset is always a bonus for my audio, smell & sight sense. It’s like being in paradise, away from the busy city… Besides, it’s only 10-15mins walk back to ParkCity Everly Hotel. I ended my 3rd night with Borneo Jazz.


Kolomee or Kampua?

Since we’re in Sarawak, why don’t we try out their famous Kolomee? According to Joel’s readers it looks like kampua but according to Miri peeps Kuching may have Kolomee & Kampua but that is miri Kolomee LOL My red noodle is actually gravy from the char siu (BBQ pork).


Muara Restoran, Waterfront

We decided to hunt for Adidas Kampung for our up coming Mulu trip & the shoes cost us less than 10 bucks! But it was pain in the ass to hunt for it LOL Trying out some Malay/Indonesian food with the folks after my guilty pleasure with non-halal food. I had the typical soto ayam as I’m not very familiar with other food. Gonna get ready for the 2nd night of Borneo Jazz. Wait out for the next post ;)

I want to thank Air Asia for the free flights to Sarawak, Sarawak Tourism Board for arranging all the awesome programs for media & ParkCity Everly Hotel for hosting our stay during our time in Miri. I am very please by the friendly & helpful locals around Miri during my time here, sometimes I wonder if the rush hour in the busy city made us forget our politeness & gratitude… These little gesture actually make a lot difference in putting a smile in someone’s face. I can only say thank you for everything :)

P/S: Even the garang (fierce) cab uncle was kind enough to call us to ask about the shoes left behind.

From Wabbit @ Miri