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Love: Family & Friend

Uncle arrived from Johor and leaving to Tawau tonight to visit his belated father, my gramps. Uncle and Aunt discussed about the wrong date stated for gramps, there are confusion in the Lunar date printed in Roman’s format. Luckily the smart me convert the given date in Lunar calendar and found the problem. Just because it’s before Chinese New Year they wrote previous 19xx year. Lunar calendar doesn’t go that way la *faint*


Grandma and her kids :D

Grandma’s maid said grandma is a very lucky person, having some of the children to visit her from time to time. Simple lunch session with my noisy TEOCHEW family is a common thing. If you don’t know us you might assume we’re arguing when we’re just talk slightly louder than normal people =X

Love Letter by Peggy

Today mom came home with my wedding invitation from aunt’s in-law’s relative. I would rather call this relative a friend of mine (same age) since the both of us are into singing during our school days :D Gonna bring my mom and dad or grandma along to this celebration ;)

P/S: Ladies’ night with aunt tonight ^_^

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu