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Work or Family?

*Click square photo for direct link to Instagram/Facebook Wonder what makes the free spirit like me decided to settled down in a few hours just by chatting? The answer is passion & opportunity. Found my Human Pet friend in Facebook via Don Chan’s status comment & decided to say hi. I end up getting a job. Most important helping a friend with his business & give back to community.

Officially Attached!

Le boss was kind enough to check my new place & got a new computer laptop when my tablet charger MIA. He disagree about “ordinary job” since I’ll will be working with the coolest company! LOL He wouldn’t allow anyone to tell me that I’m unlucky. When I starting to accept the rough journey I had in life, guess God want me to not give up on hope & continue to have faith in success. I take it that I’m success by being happy when it was defined differently to most out there :p

First Day Celebration

Goodbye to 1st 6 months of 2014. I’m entering the 2nd half of the year with my first day @ work. Not only that, it is also 1st day for Swimin12 to operate in the new location. I may work for a young company but entering a huge family of 26 @ PJ Palms Sports Center is something I’m looking forward to with the new management. If you noticed, I’ve chopped off my signature long nails to a natural french for work :D


Humble Beginning

Besides getting to know my new family in KL, EJ’s student was kind enough to special deliver homemade pineapple tart “Ong Lai” to wish boss a prosperous 1st day. Thanks boss for the mini celebration via The Wall Street Sports Bar. Guys can chillax there during World Cup period with the mega screen. Else you can ask me to accompany you to dine/swim when you decided to drop by for a visit anytime from 8am till 10pm.

P/S: New housemate happens to work @ Klang area LOL can arrange pick up for some of my stuff over ^_^

From Wabbit @ Petaling Jaya