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Grill’z Kitchen: Pork Rib

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First of all, happy birthday to my aunt who is currently in town and staying with us for the next few days. So sad that tonight they went out for dinner without me while I was having my nap :( Luckily they got me my late dinner but I had to missed out my chill out session with Shirley ROAR



Aunties Gathering

Mum, Aunt & Taman Jindo aunties had a birthday gathering as my aunt has moved to Seremban ever since Christopher study @ KL & Amanda working @ Singapore. Aunty talk sure 38 session non-stop. Maybe I should be glad in a way that I’m not there LOL They mummy’s decided to get me something they think is the best dish of the night.


Pork Rib RM28.90

First thing when mum open my take away, both mum & aunt complaint that I got 3 ribs while they had only 2 ribs ahahaha Taste wise still can’t beat my favourite Sydney’s Hurricane’s Grill, at least still better than SS 15’s The Hungry Hog that taste like my Chinese home cook Oven Pork. Fries was pretty solid but I don’t like soggy fries so grandma happily eat them on my behalf. Mum scary la! Had dinner still wanna come mouse my meal ROAR Too bad BBQ sauce is too sweet, so instead of full dip I only do quarter dip else pork will be too dry for my consume. As Chinese I like it roasted well but not over burnt. I commission my dinner with a glass of Dolce Rosso Australian Stanley Wines.


RM65 Present

As usual, whenever my aunt is around there will always be wine session in the house XD After finish her Church Block Cabernet Sauvignon (50%), Shiraz (32%) & Merlot (18%) 2010 Wirra Wirra from McLaren Vale (very strong taste but smooth when consumed), she decides to open another birthday present of hers which is Ernie Els 2010 Merlot from South Africa. She prefers the previous bottle but I got nothing to complaint as I enjoy this wine with my dinner hehehe This is my second time open a wine bottle & I’m glad that this time I got it right

P/S: Mum’s cousin trying to get me to involve in some health product (direct sales) zzz

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