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Carlsberg Diamond Idol 2013: Tawau (Area Final)

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You can click HERE to explore my previous Carlsberg Diamond Idol journey. Last year I only managed to get in Sandakan Top 10, but this little fighter in me decided not to give up and this year I’m back to give it another try.


Tawau’s Top 9 Finalist

For 2 years straight I fly off together with judge Jonathan Tse, I was glad when he told me that I did improved a year later ^_^ Having Esther Applunius as my previous singing rival to judge me means I must give nothing less than perfection as she knows my weaknesses =.= Ivan (Xiao Hei) is Mr Know It All. Tonight I have to change my song selection when he judged that my new hair style doesn’t suit something sensual like Can’t Take My Eyes Off you. Last night he said my English is too British, tonight I’m gonna show him the American side of me :P


Talented hair stylist & Make-Up Artist

If you happened to be at Tawau and you need a make over, Junz Jun is ready to doll you up @ Junz Hair Beauty Saloon, LG 34A, LG, Eastern Plaza. I heard that his dad is also an event organiser. With his skilful hands and my speed touch up we managed to pull off above look within half an hour.


Host of the Night

It was great to see my gal Abigail Pheobe from KK FM again. This is the second time I’m the contestant while she’s the emcee since Ms Queen of Clubs. So glad to to have familiar faces around including Sito (camera man) from All4One Productions. Just because I’m not from Tawau doesn’t mean I have less contact than my parents ahahaha


Esther & Ivan Performing

After the Top 8 (1 forfeit) compete & before the announcement of Top 5 to fight for 2 spots in the Grand Finale, Esther & Ivan present Endless Love to the crowds. I forget the previous song that Esther perform but it’s the same hit Gina performed last year’s Sandakan area final. I might wanna learn some oldish to add in my list ;)


Tawau’s Top 5 ready for Round 2

As contestant #2 of the night I performed Oops, I did it Again. It’s been many many years since I last sang this song and too bad the system have limitation in +2 key so in a way I am challenged to control my low notes. Overall judges are impressed with my stage performance but both guys think I under performed vocal wise. Oh boy, it was a huge release when they announced me to be one of the Top 5! Fighting!!!


 Jonathan on his Guitar

After Top 5 gave their very best, Jonathan charm the crowds with his talented vocal & fingers. He actually turned himself into an acoustic jukebox & accept live request from the audience LOL


See you @ Grand Finale

As contestant #3 in round 2, I give it all with Pretty Stupid Lady (Chinese Hits) and won myself RM1000 and a slot in the Grand Finale against contestants all around Borneo Island. Jacqueline, last year’s KK champion won herself a slot in the final again with RM600 as Runner-Up.


Family Love

Nothing beats the support of my family. My cousins got so inspired that Rachel is interested to join the next audition when she turns 18 :D Lek Lek, you got more years to get yourself ready so work your best. I’ll come over to support you guy, scream on top of my lungs like how you guys did for me tonight!


After Party

Just as you thought it’s gonna be over, we stayed to sing out hearts out together with the live band. It was my honour to sing as Esther’s back up when she hit Mercy like nobody’s business. As much as I like to sing, little STM me can’t get the lyrics in my head Q.Q there goes my chances ahaha. Jonathan did performed as well. It may seemed like a perfect night but I almost forfeit myself due to anxiety attack but Pui Kei from Think Workshop wouldn’t take NO from me and tell me to better get my ass down. Where to find organiser that is already not feeling with swollen eyes yet still believe in me more than myself? I owe you a big fat thank you xoxo See you guys this 27th Sept @ The BED, KK for the Grand Finale~

P/S: Why my favourite Porridge Hut closed so early??? T_T

From Wabbit @ Tawau