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Out off Mother Nature Into Haze Zone

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I had an awesome June. I thank God for making me stay a little longer than I originally planned (thanks to the sky rocket price since mid May for over a month). MAS flight is surprisingly cheaper than Air Asia & Malindo but brunch was a huge disappointing for someone who flies with them for most of my life. Uncle next to me was surprised to see the plane is full, tomorrow is the start of fasting month (Bulan Ramadan).


Farewell Mountain + Sea View

Travel on short noticed has been my trend for the past 18 months. Goodbye to my YOLO life as this trip will lead me to my next full time job. This is managed to packed a lot of goodies for friends in KL with little gifts from Mulu, Kudat & Sandakan (purchased @ Inanam). I was instantly home sick when I found out KL & Klang had been attacked by the evil HAZE again :(



Matt managed to get his hands on Mi1-S AP version. But he’s kinna upset with the fact that getting a 2 years warranty from phone shop cannot win the cheaper rates provided by Mi official website. Mi1-S & Redmi Note will be available in Malaysia & Singapore next month onwards. Hopefully I got enough to get a new phone with my 1st pay cheque hehehe

P/S: Love my future stay & working place

From Wabbit @ Klang