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Rootz: FMFA Pre-Party

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I received a surprised invition from Don of Manoah Consulting to participate in Future Music Festival Asia 2013 @ Sepang on the 15th & 16th March. Not only that, I got to be one of the FMFA VIP guests at the Pre-Party event @ Rootz as well!!!


Bye Klang, Hello KL ^_^

This happy gal eventually need to cut short her visiting and rush down from Klang as she don’t wanna miss a thing :p Papa Frankie, I’ll disturb you soon after the party ya? ahahaha *waves*


This Vespa is MINE!!!

As I got to bring a plus1, I tried to share the privilege with with my close/Sabahan friends but too bad Bernard, Christine, Daniel, Herbert, Henry & Suresh can’t make it due to short noticed or had appointment the early next day :/ Luckily my new buddy Brendan of BKL’s Light Writing don’t mind to join us after his wedding shoot. Let’s start the party with picture by him :)


Spotted Familiar Faces

It’s good to see familiar faces from my recent January trip to Swedish House Mafia & We Love Asia. Fun gals like Bendan, Jessying & Yukiko are peeps you don’t want to missed out in parties.


Expanding Social Network

This hot chick is Joanna ;) FB chat with Samuel when Calista & I trying to see if there’s anyone that we know @ the rooftop upon arrival. Finally get to meet my virtual friend XiangCool. He’s been busy playing Candy Crush Saga before the event started. Wanted to kidnap his phone because he was doing that next to me T_T As the night get heats up, Karmun, Pauline & I starting to dance the night away ahahahaha That’s what we’re here for! Party like a boss VIP style B)


My beloved half Sabahan friends

So glad that I can party with my darling Calista @ KL. It’s been a while since our last party session as both of us are busy traveling to various places at different time. Got to know Brendan when he’s back KK recent Chinese New Year festival. Miss anti-social don’t have to hide in the shell with the company of awesome friends in town :D


My new crazy friends :D

The best part about getting the right plus1 is that you get to know people you never thought you could ever keep in touch with. I have noticed Pauline in her modelling career when I was still studying @ Singapore. Raj is a talented TV representer/host & producer @ Capital TV, I got shy when he wanted to hear my crappy singing skills :) Thanks Brendan for introducing these wonderful friends :D


The Famous Zana Chin

It’s breath taking to meet a very talented lady yet humble like Zana Chin. I will always remember her fabulous quote in her FB page: Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered. It makes you wanna work hard to leave a good impression, not only for the first time but for a very long time ;)


Don of Manoah Consulting, One-Stop Leading Digital Marketing Agency

All these will not happen without the awesome invite by Don. Love you many many for the blog assignments & special invites whenever I’m @ KL. A Top Notch PR Agency & Event Company is looking to hire. If you think you got what it takes to part of the team, you may drop your resume to donovancst@gmail.com (if you trust Don, you will trust his selection to place you in the right company according to your skills)


Thank You Asahi

The clumsy me may fall on wet ground & the noob me may had a bad nude bra day but Asahi is making very sure that I actually forget the bad times faster than I thought. my buddy for the Rising Sun makes sure i get to enjoy my super dry beer whole night long. I kinna miss the brew from the round tower, this is the first time I’m having Asahi via bottles :D If you think this is the end of the party, you are so wrong. This is only the beginning. I’ll see you guys @ Sepang this weekends together with my KK buddies like Calista, Herbert, Jason, Joanna, Sharif & friends @ the VIP zone. Wanna join us but haven’t get your tickets? Hurry, get it directly from FMF website before it’s too late!!!

P/S: Thanks Pauline for the supper & Raj for sending us home ^_^

From Wabbit @ Kuala Lumpur