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Party Play: TwtUp KK 2012

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This anti-social Wabbit got pretty locked up at home most of the days ever since she got back from Singapore. Things got a little different tonight when she joined Calista, Dino & Hayden for a night out at


#TwtUp KK 2012

The event suppose to starts at 7pm but we managed to arrived before it starts and claim our goodie bags. I didn’t get to have them for wearing half blue. Where’s my Martel yours truly alcoholic T-shirt whenever I need it? *grumbling* I thought I saw Margaret but she vanished before I can say hi to her =.=


First 20 with blue tops gets some goodies

That very short sad moment was taken away by a very interesting project by Team Sprocket. Tristan & talented friends are working on a new game Shiftling and they will be glad if any contribution in which ever talents from Sabah to make this a pure buatan Sabah. Any Sabahan programmer, animator, music creative, game developer or even cosplayer can check out their website. I can’t wait to see your names when I lay my hand on this game when it’s out :D


Colorful booth with on going work

The guys decided to be low profile but games will never be out of my sight whenever I attend any events. Guess I’m just too bored =X Abigail & I decided to add some calories by going to milkshake drinking competition. I’m surprised that the host knows about Singingcoconut @.@ Calista got lucky with a star on her chair and had to blow balloon hehehehe. She makes sure the balloon explode faster than anyone else LOL



First SUCK then BLOW

WOW I just noticed that both games turns out to be an awesome combination :D There’s also gangnam style dancing competition for Guba‘s Album! I was so thirsty that I managed to be the first 3 to finish my milkshake and won a lovely top by UnicaHijaSash from La Elegancia *hearts* As I came back from the competition, guess what I found? My 2 for 1 challenge is waiting for me. Gosh, gonna work hard to burn those calories away but I will never say no to free drinks :p



 winning prize + Strawberry milkshake RM8

TwtUp KK is not only about the fun games with your fellow tweeters but also a stage for local talent to showcase themselves. Adam Elias, Daryl Lim, Appy TotsClare Cassandra, Rey Nizam & Sohbierah Ghulabdin shows that Sabahan Boleh! I’m so glad to see more and more singers are coming out off their comfort zone and show what they got :)


The only non blue top gotta naked hide XD

It was an awesome night with a bunch of Tweet peeps. Thank Hayden for the ride and I also want to thank the sponsors Bandwidth Magazine & Delicious Sabah, Ingenio Industries & Sella Pink Record for organizing the event and last but not least Party Play Lifestyle Cafe to make this happen. I heard last year need tickets as guest Twitters from KL were invited over. It’s my first year attending such event and I did enjoyed myself well ^_^

P/S: Expecting to have more anti-social Tweet friends by tomorrow

From Wabbit @ Kota Kinabalu